Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Crowds...

I did plan on a mini shopping venture this week with the younger brother, however I decided I wasn't brave enough to face the overwhelming of numbers of people also choosing to shop in Manchester City Centre.
So instead I invested in a spot of online shopping from Clothing at Tesco. Now this isn't a place I have ever purchased from before but have heard good things about it. I just hope that if anything is unsuitable I'll have no problems in returning it. So I thought I would share with you lovely lot what it is I am now waiting for the postman to greet me with.
£14 (Sale)
£5 (Sale)
£26.25 (Sale)
Sparkle Tights £2.10 (Sale)
So what do you guys think? What are your experiences of supermarket clothes shopping? Personally I think they're a great place to find cheap pieces. I have found many a lovely thing in George@Asda.

Also now if you spend over £25 at Clothingattesco.co.uk and enter code XX-DECPROMO you receive £5 off. Delivery is also free when spending over £50 so double bonus! Enjoy!



  1. Yay Tesco! I love their clothes.

  2. There really is some fab stuff on their site. I could have bought plenty more but I had to be kind to the bank balance.
    Just hope everything fits!


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