Thursday, 23 December 2010

Cinema Trip

Normally I would be working on a Weds evening but as I worked my last shift ever last night I thought I would take full advantage of Orange Wednesdays with the company of my lovely big sis. It really was a good evening we saw Little Fockers, the third instalment of the Meet the Parents films which is a hilarious film which I would advise to watch. We also indulged ourselves with a pizza from pizza express again making full use of the 2 for 1 offer-bogof on pizza and free garlic bread/doughballs each. All in all it was a great night, and cost us a mere £10 each-WINNER :D

I made full use of not having to wear layer upon layer as a simple door to car trip meant I didn't have to brave the cold. I wore the following outfit with a black (cobweb?) scarf. Excuse the crappy picture, was a quick one before I rushed out.
Bomber Jacket - £25 Peacocks
Cat Jumper - £25 New Look
Jeggings - Primark
Boots - £25 New Look
Hope you've all had a great evening!



  1. aw I love that jumper!

    In reply to your comment i used MAC Red :) xx

  2. Love the jumper. It's so pretty. I'm dying to see Little Fockers!


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