Friday, 10 December 2010

Desperate times....

Well this would be the part where I tell you what I've bought this week...the sad thing is for a change it's nothing!
Yes this week I have had the pleasure of being bogged down with uni work on top of being off ill with a bad back, so I haven't had any spare time to pop down to my local shopping centre for a nosey round my favourite shop New Look. Things are that bad that my friday night consists of sat at my computer desk completing assignments (with writing this blog post being my little break to myself) the title says, desperate times call for desperate measures.

I did manage to have a sneaky accessory purchase on ASOS however, sadly I missed the delivery man in the whole 2 hrs I was out of the house for so now I have to wait until monday for the sorting office so I shall enlighten you with my purchases next week.

This week I was blessed with a new item, bought by Mother Dearest as an early Christmas present. This beautiful Che Che watch....

which came in a lovely gift box in a gorgeous orange colour.

As soon as I saw this watch, I fell in love. As a huge animal lover I am a sucker for anything with animals on!

Normally I would write here my wish of the week, however this coat is my wish of the month. I have been dying to jump on the fur (faux of course) bandwagon and indulge in the purchase of a fur coat. Now when I saw this coat I fell in love and immediately wanted to purchase it despite the hefty price tag (although considering the time the coat "should" last, a sensible investment) only to find....out of stock!
Since then I have been searching the site daily then yesterday after weeks of waiting....hurray low stock! With great excitement, my heart pounding I added to basket....proceed to checkout.....only to find......"item now out of stock, please remove from basket". DAMN YOU!! So the hunt goes on, I've yet to find a coat as gorgeous on the highstreet.

So have any of you had an experience like mine?

Well guys, hope you enjoy your weekend, I'm off out for a meal with some lovely people from work tomorrow so I shall update you with how it goes next week.

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