Friday, 17 December 2010

Here comes Santa Claus.....

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend and week. I've finally finished uni for christmas, and after completing a mammoth of assignments for semester 1, the revision must begin for end of semester exams and tests. No rest for the wicked!
Sorry for my lack of interaction this week, to make up for it this post is a biggie!

So last weekend was my christmas meal from work, and as I'm leaving on tuesday my last one with the company (all together now- Awwww) So as the weather was a wee bit chilly my outfit consisted of a simple dress and thick black tights.

Dress- £9 (sale) George@Asda
Want of the week
this gorgeous necklace from Peacocks seems very Alice in Wonderland-esque and just oozes girly cuteness. Definately a must have for me and at £8 quite a steal!

Bargain of the Week

this fab scarf was from a stall in my local shopping centre. I loved that it was pink, had skulls and upon wearing discovered it was also very nice and warm.

What's in my basket?
This week I purchased this fab top from Peacocks. It was actually my Mum that spotted this as she knows what I lover I am of anything with animals on and have several horse print tops.

Top - £14 Peacocks
Jeans - £10 Peacocks
Boots - £34.99 New Look

 I've also took a closer pic of the boots I'm wearing. I absolutely love these boots, wedges and fur rolled into one? Yes please.

I finally claimed my ASOS from the post office and I LOVE the necklace I ordered. Not only does it have a fab spider as the main pendant but also 2 lovely butterflies.
Necklace - £12 ASOS

Along with this necklace I also ordered two eyeko nail polishes for £3.50 each. Never using any products of the eyeko brand before I didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. 

The first polish I used was Vampira polish, this is a lovely black adorned with lots of red glitter!
The polish was of good consistency and two coats gave great coverage.

Cosmic Polish is too a black polish, this time containing lots of multi-coloured glitter. I found the consistency to be slightly thinner than that of the vampira polish with some nails requiring a touch up 3rd coat, other than that I was again greatly impressed.

The great thing about both these polishes is despite them both containing glitter there is no compromise to the intensity of the black of the polish. I have often found with other black glitters, the black is more of a grey.


  1. I really want those nail polishes!

    Love your horse top! I need to pay more attention to peacocks x

  2. They really are fab polishes.

    Thanks, you should keep an eye out, they get some great pieces and everything is so cheap!

  3. I love sparkly nail polish :)

    Connie x


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