Thursday, 9 December 2010

Just little old me....

Well, so this is it, the start of my blog....where shall I start?
I’m Charlotte, a 20year old student studying biomedical science. I live with my mum, 2 brothers and an array of pets! I’m engaged to a great guy who somehow doesn’t seem to mind that I am one heck of a science geek! Aswell as my love for science I also have a major obsession with anything Spongebob or Minnie Mouse (I know what you’re thinking-big kid right? I promise I have lots of mature moments J) and of course I ADORE SHOPPING! My bedroom is just a fountain of shoes, bags and clothes (I’ve also had to invade my mum’s room by means of a clothes rack :D)
So that’s what this blog will be about; me and my love for shopping. I aim to keep you updated of what I’m wearing and my weekly purchases/purchasing desires with a bit of girly fun and me thrown in J What can I say I aim to please!

A little pic of my once iccle but now ginormous bunny rabbit-Destiny. This poor thing was saved by a friend of mine who found it being savaged by a dog, and being the kind person I am I gave it a home (I have a tendency to re-home unwanted/neglected animals much to the joy of my mother haha)

Like I said, I have an obsession with spongebob so I thought I'd stick a pic of my awesome mug of which I am currently drinking hot chocolate from whilst writing this (Tea is normally my hot drink of choice but I thought a hot choccy might help send me to the land of nod!)

Finally I thought I'd add a little piccy of me (make things a little more personal) I'm the one on the right and that gorgeous girl on the left is my friend Amy.

I'm really new to the blogging world with my only experience being a blog follower, so any helpful hint on tips on how to make my blog grow, what to include etc. would be appreciated.

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