Thursday, 30 December 2010

Quite a biggie....

Hello you lovely people. Hope you all had a fabulous christmas. Apologies for the lack of posting, I was feeling rather poorly after Christmas (despite not consuming a single drop of alcohol) so haven't been up to blogging.

This is the outfit I wore on christmas eve, didn't manage to get a pic of christmas day for some reason. (sorry)

I also took a closer pic to show you my new hair colour.

I got lots of lovely presents for Christmas so thought I would share a few with you here. My lovely FiancĂ© spoilt me rotten, and gave me lots of shiny pennies of which I have been spending in the sales. (Will dribble in my finds in post over the next few weeks) I also plan a trip to have a "fish pedicure" after my exams are over so expect to hear about that in a few weeks time. Anyway here's a few pics to show you my delightful gifts I received.

I absolutely love all my presents, Minnie, Spongebob, New Look, Butterflies, SATC, Chipmunks....people know me so well :)

Hope you all got lots of lovely gifts, what did you get? Also what did you give?

I bought my Mum a lovely personalised "Pandora-esque" bracelet, which has mine and my siblings names on, along with our birthstones. Unfortunately, this arrived late and only came today, which I was deeply disappointed about. I was even more disappointed to find one of the names had been printed as "Amethyst" the birthstone, and also the sapphires were clear not blue (obviously the wrong birthstone). So after an hr or so long wait on a 10p per min call I am now awaiting a returns label! Oh the joy!!

Sorry for the lack of post, due to my feeling unwell, I've been glued to PJ's and comfy clothes. I did manage to venture out yesterday for a trip to see Harry Potter (rather late I know) and a chinese buffet. Have any of you seen HP, what did you think? I hate how it ends due to it only being "Part 1", hate films that end on a cliff hanger.

Aswell as my lovely Christmas presents, my man also bought me these lovely suede cowboy boots to add to my major shoe collection!

Well, I hope you all had a great christmas and incase I don't get chance to post tomorrow, Happy New Year to you all. Hope you all have a fab night however you choose to spend it. The plan for mine is a quiet one with the fella.



  1. I know, I fell in love when I saw them due to the hearts! Real suede too! :)

  2. I'm in LOVE with those boots! <3, New Follower

  3. the boots are so cute!!!

    Please visit my blog and enter my HUB giveaway!!


  4. Thanks guys!
    Thanks for following Tanya! :)

  5. love the xmas pressies xx what colour is yur hair dye xx


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