Friday, 28 January 2011

Batiste Tones & Batiste Brit Review

So the lovely people at Batiste sent me some of their latest products to try. The ones I received were medium and brunette hair & dark and deep brown hair of the Batiste Tones range and Batiste Brit.

Batiste Tones is used in the same way as a normal dry shampoo - banishing oily roots, however it is pigmented to allow easier blending and prevent tell tale white marks in the hair. There are 3 in the range, the two I received and one for light and blonde hair specific for blonde hair.
These are slightly more expensive than the other dry shampoo's of the Batiste range retailing at £3.05, but are still cheaper than many other dry shampoo's on the market.

Spray around 30cm away from hair
Massage with fingers, leave for a few minutes
Brush out

My application
I used dark and deep brown on the left side of my hair, and medium to brunette on the right of my hair.
After application
I immediately noticed the difference the pigment had, my hair appeared less white with the product on my hair.
After massaging
 The product took less rubbing in than the normal dry shampoo due to the pigment making any left product left in my hair less noticeable.
After brushing
A quick brush left my hair feeling silky and soft. Both of the 2 shades I received blended well with my hair despite my hair having a red sheen. The pigment is enough to banish white marks yet doesn't have a change to the colour of your hair.

I would advise to use this before putting any make up on due to the pigment as it can get onto your skin (I was left with a dirty forehead).
I would also advise washing your hands after using to prevent it transferring onto your clothes. However if it does get onto them, removal shouldn't be a problem, on the can it states the product can be easily removed with a little soap and water.

The thing I would advise with this Shampoo is that if you are looking for the product to leave a fragrance in your hair then tones isn't the one for you as it isn't heavily fragranced like others in the range. However, Batiste Brit would be the one for you

Batiste Brit is similar to the original dry shampoo we all know and love but with what is described as a "quintessentially British fragrance". I'm having trouble in describing the fragrance, an almost flowery and powdery smell. It really is lush and fresh. The design on the bottle is fab - definately a winner for me, a union jack flag to sit proudly on your dressing table!
Batiste Brit is available for £2.13 exclusively from Superdrug, and with a current offer of 3 for £3.49 it means you can also try some of the other great fragrances offered.



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