Friday, 25 February 2011

Mini New Look Haul

Hello lovelies, well these weren't planned purchases, infact it wasn't a planned shopping trip. I simply nipped to my local shopping precinct to visit the ATM and grab some food for my rabbit and guinea pigs.


I decided to pop into new look as I have been on the hunt for a pair of navy blue tights. I found my blue tights and then followed my Mum along to the sale rack where she picked out this stripy number for me....
Sale £5

I then decided to have a hunt through the rack myself and spotted this skirt also for a bargain £5.

Whilst at the till my Mum pointed out some Nail polishes on sale, there were a selection of orange shades, a yellow and a green. All reduced to £1. I chose and orange shade and picked up a green which a later decided to put back. However upon wearing the orange I think I am going to go back for the green as for a £1 who can moan.

I love the pearlescent finish of the polish and it seems pretty hardwearing. After a 2 days of wear and several hours bashing at my keyboard it is yet to show any signs of wear!
Without flash (poor lighting)

With Flash

This colour is great in that the appearance of it is completely different dependant upon the lighting. Indoors it appears a peachy pearlescent colour, and in natural light (even when not bright) it is a fibrant almost fluorescent pearlescent orange.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
My weekend is very quite, just going to be spending it with the other half relaxing. We've begun to watch a box set of a series called Alias starring Jennifer Garner. It's around 10yrs old now and is about her being a double agent working for the CIA, it is so addictive and neither of us can get enough of it.
What series can you not get enough of? I have to say I am also a lover of Ghost Whisperer and Secret Diary of A Call Girl, such a shame there's no further series to be made of either!


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dorothy Perkins Haul

As I said in my last blog post, to celebrate my exam results I treated myself to some items from Dorothy Perkins. As there was an offer on at the time of ordering of buy 2 or more selected items get 20% off aswell as my 20% student discount. I treated myself to quite a few items and saved £40 in discounts!

However sadly not many of the items I received were suitable and so off to the store for a refund it is.

Cream Floral Shift Dress £25 (£20 with discount)
This is such a lovely dress however, the arms were farrrr to tight and I didn't try it on completely in fear of not being able to get it back off again.

Peter Pan Tunic £27 (£17.28 with discount)
This was one of the items on the 20% off offer so I received both this and my student discount. However the dress didn't seem to fit so well across the chest and I found the neck unflattering on me.

Black/cream cowl tunic £15 (£9.60 with discount)
This again was on the 20% offer meaning I received a total of 36% discount, the material of this was lovely and the length was long enough to allow you to wear it with tights. However I was unsure of the neckline and didn't want to keep it in fear of never wearing it.

Cream Scotty Dog Jumper £29.50 (£18.88 after discount)
This item did actually fit rather well and is something that would have been a warm cover up for colder days and keep in for winter to wear with jeans. However as it was on the "buy two or more offer" I decided to return it as I was returning the other items that allowed me to receive the offer on this item. This is a lovely jumper but I would not pay the non-discounted price as I don't find it value for money.

Red Poppy Peterpan Top £19.50 (£15.60 after discount)
When I received an email of a model wearing this top I fell in love, however I was bitterly disappointed when trying on the dress to find it was farrr to short on me!

Cream Border Lace Dress £17 (£13.60 after discount)
Finally the one item I did decide to keep! This item is described on the site as being a "dress" however there is nooooo way anybody could get away with wearing it as this. The "dress" only just covers up your bum but I do love the embroidered detail and the blouson sleeves so I am keeping this to wear with leggings.

Finally obligatory pairs of sale tights - yay! After discount it cost me £4 for the two pairs!

I have also ordered the scenic print prom dress from the NewLook Tall range. I used a discount code given by the lovely Sadie at Butterfly Wings to give me 20% discount. This code is valid until today so be quick! This code also allows you to still receive student discount meaning my dress cost me £20.87 and I also received free delivery as one of the 24hr Fashion Fix offer. New Look are given a different offer for every day of this week so keep your eyes peeled daily for what they have that day!


Monday, 21 February 2011

Random Rambles

Hey Guys, my apologies for the blog free week. This week I just haven't managed to find the time or energy for anything really. I've been keeping up with all your blogs though on my walk to and from uni.

It's that time of year when insurance has come through, I also have to fork out for tax and MOT and think my clutch may be failing me soon too! I'm on the hunt for the cheapest quote poss, any help of where is cheapest for you would be great.

On a plus side, I got my exam results and I aced them all so thanks to all of you who wished me luck. As a treat I made a cheeky order from Dorothy Perkins in Celebration. I think good old Dotty may be replacing my beloved New Look as the place to shop.

I also won a lovely necklace as a runner up prize in A Million Dresses Giveaway, which came beautifully packaged the very next day!

I had a choice of purple or cream and choice this lovely cream heart.

I purchased myself a bargain pair of shoes from Peacocks, they were reduced from £14 to £5 so with student discount were a mere £4!!! I am so chuffed with these shoes.

As I have previously mentioned on my blog I am a huge spongebob geek! I just love that cute yellow sponge, so when I saw this mug set on for £4 I snapped it up. I was even more chuffed when it arrived today in a handy tin perfect for storing my bits and bobs in :) This was on a 24 hr offer (along with a Secret Diary of a Call Girl Series 1-3 box set I purchased for £13) but you can find it here for £5.

So what have you lot been buying recently? And are you a bargain hunter like myself?


p.s.....for those of you that don't follow me already, you can find me on twitter @ScienceGeekChic

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Valentine's Weekend

Hey guys, so Valentine's day is on monday. What do you all think of the "holiday"? To be honest with you, I think it's all just a gimmick for companies to earn a bit of extra dosh, it is very much commercialised as many other holidays have become and has lost much of the sentiment behind it. Surely if you love somebody, every day you spend with them shows that and you don't need a "special day" to show that.

Nevertheless I do find it hard to not be drawn in, with the shops filled with a mirage of reds, pinks, love hearts and kisses. So here is a few of my top picks for Valentine's day...

I was recently sent one of these Denman Brushes which retail at £7.31 from These brushes are limited edition and would be a lovely gift to receive at Valentines or even as a cheeky Valentine's gift to yourself (they say you should love yourself too right?)

These are only one of the designed hair brushes available from Denman, others include ZebraLeopard or even ones adorned with diamantes. All would make a lovely gift whether it be for Valentines Day, Christmas, or Birthdays!

These brushes are fab, the "bristles" of the brush are rubberised so pass through the hair with ease and were perfect for detangling my long locks. The size of the brush is also perfect for carrying around in a handbag!

Upon browsing the site I also discovered a range of scented brushes can you believe! I am rather intrigued by these but would have difficulty in choosing a fragrance if purcashing. These brushes also retail at £7.31 and would make a great gift for an older child or teenager.

I was also recently sent a can of my favourite Batiste Blush, a fragrance which perfect complements the season of love combining floral notes of Red Hibiscus, Freesia, Tuberose, Orange Blossom, Peony and Lily - who said flowers have to sit in a vase at Valentines?
Batiste dry shampoo is perfect for freeing your hair of being limp and greasy, giving you clean, voluminous locks perfect for a special valentines date!

My valentines gift to myself has been this ever so cute Love on Cubes Necklace £6 from Asos. Perfect for a valentines date paired with a red dress.

So what do you all think of Valentines day? And what are your plans? Will you be sending a card to a special someone, or are you off on a hot date?
My valentines day comprises of a 2 hr lecture followed by a 2 hr lab session of which I have a test. I shall be spending the evening with my other half which shall be a night cuddled up infront of the TV. We plan to have a  nice meal out the weekend after....thinking maybe a curry! :)


Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Hey guys, just a quick post to apologise for my lack of posting recently. I have had little inspiration this past week. Each day has been a struggle to decide what I have wanted to wear and so have not been in the mindset for posting.
I promise to try and resume with proper posting as soon as possible.

I would also like to thank the lovely Lisa-Jane from as I won her lovely giveaway. So many cute items, including

these cute earrings. I was so excited for winning the blog as I couldn't wait to get my hands on those bow earrings! Can't wait to wear them.

I also am in love with  this nail polish. I am yet to wear it  but have swatched it and can't wait to wear it with pretty summer dresses once the sun begins to shine through.

I also would like to recommend to any of you that enjoy reading my friends Amy's blog Chick Lit Reviews where you can find reviews on her favourite literature and recent reads.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are enjoying your week so far. I'm going to watch The Saturdays in concert on Thursday at the Manchester Apollo. I went last time they were here around 2 years ago and the concert was fab! Sadly despite my purchasing of the tickets immediately as they went on sale my seats aren't as good as last time (bought a few weeks after release date - shows how their popularity has grown).

Here's a few pics I thought I'd share from their last concert.


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Model's own Haul

Hey everybody, hope you've all had a good week so far. Thought I would share with you my recently acquired collection of Model's Own Polishes.
Grace Green, Top Turquoise, Pink Blush, Purple Poppy, Magenta Divine, Champagne, Juicy Jules

I am currently sporting Pink Blush with a top layer of Juicy Jules.
I adore this colour, it just oozes girly cuteness.

and here are some swatches of the rest of my collection.
Magenta Divine 2 Coats. Champagne 1 coat
Magenta Divine is a clear based polish containing pink/purple glitter and as with all glitter polishes requires extra coating to achieve full coverage. Colour can be built up with 2 or 3 coats or it can be used to add a topcoat sparkle to other polishes. I would pair this with pink blush.
Champagne is a lovely muted gold with a pearlescent finish and achieves relatively opaque coverage with 1 coat.

Pink Blush 1 Coat. Purple Poppy 1 coat
 The pink blush achieve great coverage with one coat whereas purple poppy is somewhat streaky with one coat. I also noticed the consistency of pink blush to be thicker than that of purple poppy. Still both fab colours.
Grace Green 1 coat. Top Turquoise 1 Coat
Grace green was a last minute decision to add to my order. It is somewhat a khaki green, I have only swatched so I am yet to make a decision on whether I like it/if it suits me. Top turquoise is a lovely blue/green colour, however it is rather streaky with one colour so does require more coverage.

I then added an extra coat to each colour to show you the effect of the polish with full coverage.
Grace Green 2 coats, Top Turquoise 2 coats 
Pink Blush 2 coats. Purple Poppy 2 coats

Magenta Divine 3 coats. Champagne 2 coats

I grabbed a bargain with all of my model's own polishes. Each normally costs £5, however; Champagne and Magenta Divine  were purchased from ASOS each in an exclusive set containing a 6-way nail file. Magenta Divine set was £2.50 and Chapagne £3.
The other 5 of my polishes were purchased from the Models Own website where an offer is running buy 5 save £7, however as I also had a 25% discount code from Fabulous Magazine I only paid £11.75 and received free delivery. So not only are all colours lovely, I got them for a bargain price!

Charlotte xx
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