Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dorothy Perkins Haul

As I said in my last blog post, to celebrate my exam results I treated myself to some items from Dorothy Perkins. As there was an offer on at the time of ordering of buy 2 or more selected items get 20% off aswell as my 20% student discount. I treated myself to quite a few items and saved £40 in discounts!

However sadly not many of the items I received were suitable and so off to the store for a refund it is.

Cream Floral Shift Dress £25 (£20 with discount)
This is such a lovely dress however, the arms were farrrr to tight and I didn't try it on completely in fear of not being able to get it back off again.

Peter Pan Tunic £27 (£17.28 with discount)
This was one of the items on the 20% off offer so I received both this and my student discount. However the dress didn't seem to fit so well across the chest and I found the neck unflattering on me.

Black/cream cowl tunic £15 (£9.60 with discount)
This again was on the 20% offer meaning I received a total of 36% discount, the material of this was lovely and the length was long enough to allow you to wear it with tights. However I was unsure of the neckline and didn't want to keep it in fear of never wearing it.

Cream Scotty Dog Jumper £29.50 (£18.88 after discount)
This item did actually fit rather well and is something that would have been a warm cover up for colder days and keep in for winter to wear with jeans. However as it was on the "buy two or more offer" I decided to return it as I was returning the other items that allowed me to receive the offer on this item. This is a lovely jumper but I would not pay the non-discounted price as I don't find it value for money.

Red Poppy Peterpan Top £19.50 (£15.60 after discount)
When I received an email of a model wearing this top I fell in love, however I was bitterly disappointed when trying on the dress to find it was farrr to short on me!

Cream Border Lace Dress £17 (£13.60 after discount)
Finally the one item I did decide to keep! This item is described on the site as being a "dress" however there is nooooo way anybody could get away with wearing it as this. The "dress" only just covers up your bum but I do love the embroidered detail and the blouson sleeves so I am keeping this to wear with leggings.

Finally obligatory pairs of sale tights - yay! After discount it cost me £4 for the two pairs!

I have also ordered the scenic print prom dress from the NewLook Tall range. I used a discount code given by the lovely Sadie at Butterfly Wings to give me 20% discount. This code is valid until today so be quick! This code also allows you to still receive student discount meaning my dress cost me £20.87 and I also received free delivery as one of the 24hr Fashion Fix offer. New Look are given a different offer for every day of this week so keep your eyes peeled daily for what they have that day!



  1. I love that last dress I saw that and was tempted to order it. The 1st dress is lovely too, its so annoying when the arms are too tight though! xx

  2. It really is lovely but far too short to be a dress. They have a tunic that is similar to it still on the website, guessing it will be the same length as the supposed dress.

    The first one is such a lovely print, shame it didn't fit.

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog re the shoes.
    I wanted to get the tan ones that you had but they only had size 3 and size 8's in them. I am usually a size 5 but can get into some size 4's. They only had size 5 and size 8 in the colour I brought and they fit well.
    Maybe I should have tried the 3 in the tan colour if you said they are big???

  4. The poppy print really is lovely, such a shame it's too short! DAMN!
    Hope you had some luck with the shoes Lisa-Jane


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