Thursday, 3 February 2011

Model's own Haul

Hey everybody, hope you've all had a good week so far. Thought I would share with you my recently acquired collection of Model's Own Polishes.
Grace Green, Top Turquoise, Pink Blush, Purple Poppy, Magenta Divine, Champagne, Juicy Jules

I am currently sporting Pink Blush with a top layer of Juicy Jules.
I adore this colour, it just oozes girly cuteness.

and here are some swatches of the rest of my collection.
Magenta Divine 2 Coats. Champagne 1 coat
Magenta Divine is a clear based polish containing pink/purple glitter and as with all glitter polishes requires extra coating to achieve full coverage. Colour can be built up with 2 or 3 coats or it can be used to add a topcoat sparkle to other polishes. I would pair this with pink blush.
Champagne is a lovely muted gold with a pearlescent finish and achieves relatively opaque coverage with 1 coat.

Pink Blush 1 Coat. Purple Poppy 1 coat
 The pink blush achieve great coverage with one coat whereas purple poppy is somewhat streaky with one coat. I also noticed the consistency of pink blush to be thicker than that of purple poppy. Still both fab colours.
Grace Green 1 coat. Top Turquoise 1 Coat
Grace green was a last minute decision to add to my order. It is somewhat a khaki green, I have only swatched so I am yet to make a decision on whether I like it/if it suits me. Top turquoise is a lovely blue/green colour, however it is rather streaky with one colour so does require more coverage.

I then added an extra coat to each colour to show you the effect of the polish with full coverage.
Grace Green 2 coats, Top Turquoise 2 coats 
Pink Blush 2 coats. Purple Poppy 2 coats

Magenta Divine 3 coats. Champagne 2 coats

I grabbed a bargain with all of my model's own polishes. Each normally costs £5, however; Champagne and Magenta Divine  were purchased from ASOS each in an exclusive set containing a 6-way nail file. Magenta Divine set was £2.50 and Chapagne £3.
The other 5 of my polishes were purchased from the Models Own website where an offer is running buy 5 save £7, however as I also had a 25% discount code from Fabulous Magazine I only paid £11.75 and received free delivery. So not only are all colours lovely, I got them for a bargain price!

Charlotte xx


  1. I LOVE models own,
    Juicy Jules is fab over everything!

  2. They seem such amazing polishes, dry so quickly too! and the bottles are huge!
    Juicy Jules is fab, can't beat a bit of sparkle.xx

  3. Nice choices, I still haven't ordered as I just can't decide! xx

  4. Haha I spent many days umming and ahhing over what to order.

  5. Love the pink blush with juicy Jules, so so girly and pretty!

  6. Thanks Nicole and thanks for following :)
    Amy - I know I really do love the combo, I had it on for 5 days without any chipping but decided I had to change colour. Currently sporting grace green with juicy jules, actually quite admire the two together.


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