Monday, 21 February 2011

Random Rambles

Hey Guys, my apologies for the blog free week. This week I just haven't managed to find the time or energy for anything really. I've been keeping up with all your blogs though on my walk to and from uni.

It's that time of year when insurance has come through, I also have to fork out for tax and MOT and think my clutch may be failing me soon too! I'm on the hunt for the cheapest quote poss, any help of where is cheapest for you would be great.

On a plus side, I got my exam results and I aced them all so thanks to all of you who wished me luck. As a treat I made a cheeky order from Dorothy Perkins in Celebration. I think good old Dotty may be replacing my beloved New Look as the place to shop.

I also won a lovely necklace as a runner up prize in A Million Dresses Giveaway, which came beautifully packaged the very next day!

I had a choice of purple or cream and choice this lovely cream heart.

I purchased myself a bargain pair of shoes from Peacocks, they were reduced from £14 to £5 so with student discount were a mere £4!!! I am so chuffed with these shoes.

As I have previously mentioned on my blog I am a huge spongebob geek! I just love that cute yellow sponge, so when I saw this mug set on for £4 I snapped it up. I was even more chuffed when it arrived today in a handy tin perfect for storing my bits and bobs in :) This was on a 24 hr offer (along with a Secret Diary of a Call Girl Series 1-3 box set I purchased for £13) but you can find it here for £5.

So what have you lot been buying recently? And are you a bargain hunter like myself?


p.s.....for those of you that don't follow me already, you can find me on twitter @ScienceGeekChic


  1. lol I nearly brought those shoes they are a bargain.

    I love the necklace too and the spongebob things are soooo cute xx

  2. They really are, I would recommend a pair of them. I found I had to go down a size from usual though as them come up quite large.

  3. that necklace is so cute! congrats! xx


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