Saturday, 12 February 2011

Valentine's Weekend

Hey guys, so Valentine's day is on monday. What do you all think of the "holiday"? To be honest with you, I think it's all just a gimmick for companies to earn a bit of extra dosh, it is very much commercialised as many other holidays have become and has lost much of the sentiment behind it. Surely if you love somebody, every day you spend with them shows that and you don't need a "special day" to show that.

Nevertheless I do find it hard to not be drawn in, with the shops filled with a mirage of reds, pinks, love hearts and kisses. So here is a few of my top picks for Valentine's day...

I was recently sent one of these Denman Brushes which retail at £7.31 from These brushes are limited edition and would be a lovely gift to receive at Valentines or even as a cheeky Valentine's gift to yourself (they say you should love yourself too right?)

These are only one of the designed hair brushes available from Denman, others include ZebraLeopard or even ones adorned with diamantes. All would make a lovely gift whether it be for Valentines Day, Christmas, or Birthdays!

These brushes are fab, the "bristles" of the brush are rubberised so pass through the hair with ease and were perfect for detangling my long locks. The size of the brush is also perfect for carrying around in a handbag!

Upon browsing the site I also discovered a range of scented brushes can you believe! I am rather intrigued by these but would have difficulty in choosing a fragrance if purcashing. These brushes also retail at £7.31 and would make a great gift for an older child or teenager.

I was also recently sent a can of my favourite Batiste Blush, a fragrance which perfect complements the season of love combining floral notes of Red Hibiscus, Freesia, Tuberose, Orange Blossom, Peony and Lily - who said flowers have to sit in a vase at Valentines?
Batiste dry shampoo is perfect for freeing your hair of being limp and greasy, giving you clean, voluminous locks perfect for a special valentines date!

My valentines gift to myself has been this ever so cute Love on Cubes Necklace £6 from Asos. Perfect for a valentines date paired with a red dress.

So what do you all think of Valentines day? And what are your plans? Will you be sending a card to a special someone, or are you off on a hot date?
My valentines day comprises of a 2 hr lecture followed by a 2 hr lab session of which I have a test. I shall be spending the evening with my other half which shall be a night cuddled up infront of the TV. We plan to have a  nice meal out the weekend after....thinking maybe a curry! :)



  1. We are going out for a meal tonight with my brother in law and his girlfriend.
    I have brought my OH Thorntons chocolates (original eh) but he is hard ot buy for!
    That necklace is so cute
    Have a nice weekend

  2. I have that brush in pink and silver from years ago! I can't bring myself to get rid!

  3. Thankyou, I had a lovely weekend. We're too going to Bella Italia later on in the week!

    It really is such a cute brush!

  4. i bought that dry shampoo but not tried it yet.

  5. It really is fab! My fav without a doubt.


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