Thursday, 31 March 2011

Butterfly Fly Away

Evening all, just a quick outfit post.
I've been feeling so tired and crappy since getting home from uni today but though I would take a pic of my outfit. I've took my shoes off hence the footless pic (I was wearing some comfy NewLook Brogues), I'm also headless due to feeling a little rough and sleepy.
Also please excuse the creases in the dress, this is after a day at uni and curling up on the sofa watching the last of my Ghost Whisperer Season 4 (Season 5 is on it's way to me). Has anyone else watched the Ghost Whisperer series? I love it, such a shame season 5 is the last one!
Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan & Tights - New Look
Belt - Claire's Accessories

This dress should have cost me £40 however thanks to the use of two codes (DPGLAM20 and DP40TREAT - sadly both expire today) I got it for less than £30! I also ordered it in the orange colour too which my lovely other half treated me to! :)
I'm currently waiting on two gorgeous dresses from Peacocks along with some Race For Life sportswear.


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Avon Lipsticks

So I have just received 2 AVON lipsticks. One is from the new Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction Range and the other is from a range called Ultra Colour Rich Colordisiac which will be released in campaign 8.

Fushia Fever Moisture Seduction Lipstick Normal Brochure Price - £8.50
AVON describe this as "an ultra-creamy lipstick which contains ribbons of hydrating moisture, colour-charged pigments for vibrant colour and aqua silk complex to help seal in moisture for up to 24 hours"
I've tried this lipstick before in a "sample size" I really love the colour payout, the longevity is reasonable and you lips really do feel so soft and hydrated.

Can't Resist Coral Colordisiac Lipstick Normal Brochure Price - £8.50

AVON describe this to have a "Seductive Scent - entices with an aphrodisiac scent of irresistable vanilla, juicy pomegranate and succulent exotic fig" Having only swatched on my hand I can smell the fruity-vanilla essence oozing from this lipstick. I can also feel the creamy moisture of the lipstick and can imagine it to have the same moisturising effects as the moisture seduction. I also have to amazing is that packaging! I did have a strange chip in my bullet when I opened it....who knows?

This lipstick is available in brochure 8 with an introductory price of £5, however my sister is an AVON representative so kindly bought me one of these lipsticks to try.

Looking at the bullet I found this lipstick didn't quite live up to it's "Can't Resist Coral" name as it doesn't appear to have the slightest hint of coral about it - when I think coral I think orange hues...right?

So I went ahead with some swatches....
Top - Fuchsia Fever
Bottom - Can't Resist Coral
Not very coral is it? I still quite like the colour but I'm still on the hunt for a nice coral lippie - any recommendations?

Hope your enjoying your evenings :)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Wild Horses

Hello lovelies,
hope your all have a great weekend. I'm feeling a bit tender due to lack of sleep today so I'll keep it short.
This dress I bought in the sales on boxing day from New Look, it was marked down from £34.99 to £10. I decided to make the most of this lovely weather we've been having as it's an outfit that's rather difficult to pair with a coat.

Dress - New Look - £10 (Sale)
Waistcoat - Primark
Shoes - New Look - £17.99

(I apologise for my face in these pics - I just can't get over the awkward feeling of posing for outfit piccies)
These shoes are the ones I mentioned in my previous post. I should have taken a pic of them but my camera battery as died but they can be found here on the NewLook website.

My friday evening was spent watching movies and sharing pizza with a group of uni friends, I then popped off to the sisters with the other half where they all got happily merry and I remained sober as a judge. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. My involves relaxation, movies and Alias boxset before a hectic week at uni filled with assignments/presentations/lab classes begins!


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Hello Lovelies, hope you've all had a great weekend/week so far.
I was thrilled to have won Hi Fashion's giveaway for a Bellmondo Purse and as I am need of a new purse it was a fab prize to win.
On Monday I went shopping with a friend and bought this outfit.
I fell in love with this outfit however it wasn't an intentional outfit choice, more of the things I bought worked well together as an outfit.
As I loved this outfit so much, when I saw the sun shining brightly outside this morning I decided it was time to give it an outing. I must admit I had a few people giving me looks, but I was warm enough and loved the bright colours so why not? Just because it's March we shouldn't dress brightly?

Cardigan - £5 - Primark
Lemon Skirt - £22.99 - New Look
My apologies for the poor photos, I don't own a tripod and I normally get my younger brother to take my photos however he's still at school.
I think the lemon is such a lovely colour and I love the contrast it has against the red in my hair - I was asked by a friend if I had recoloured my hair as the lemon creates such a striking contrast against it.

Wide fit wedges - £17.99 - New Look
Just a quick close up of my shoes as I couldn't get them in the piccy properly. I have such a love for white shoes come spring/summer time and I love these wedges! I also have a heeled version of these shoes in blue which I shall show in future posts.

Hope your all enjoying the sunshine wherever you are...for me it's back to the uni work!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

These boots were made for walking...

So this outfit I actually wore yesterday. I've had these boots for about 5 years or so, I bought them from Peacocks when I was still at school and for some reason I have a real fondness for them but they are getting to the stage where they may have seen better days.
Dress, Tights, Cardigan - New Look
Belt - Claire's Accessories
Boots - Peacocks
These dress is also a real fave of mine. I bought it from NewLook around 3 years ago, I just love the floatyness of the skirt and I have a bit of a penchant for polkadot dresses (hence my upset that this Dorothy Perkins dress didn't fit properly)

I was pleased as punch recently to have won a Nails Inc polish in The Chic Beauty Blog's Giveaway. This is the first Nail Inc polish I have owned and I love it. The colour is Chelsea Park Gardens which is a lovely neon matte pink. It applies like a dream and dries so quick! It has a subtle purple sheen to it in certain lights and I absolutely love it! I decided to pair it with Barry M Instant Nail effects.

So I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I have finally received my ASOS Groupon order - two Katy Perry OPI polishes and I can't wait to try them out!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Gold Watches

I am on the hunt.....for a nice, but cheap gold watch.

I have fallen in love with the face design of this watch from asos.

However it is simply a no-go for me as I find the expander straps end up either pinching your skin, or pulling at the tiny hairs on your arms. Does anyone else find this?

This lovely watch is also another from asos. However I'm not sure if I find the £30 a little too hefty for what it is, as I know "gold" watches have a tendancy to brass with perfumes, age etc.

So do any of you lovely people have any helpful advice on where to go in my search for a nice gold watch? I would love one with a gold strap and a pretty face detail or a diamante detail like the one above.

I would also like to thank each and every one of you for following. I appreciate that I have been a bit absent recently, I have been feeling really ill with the flu so haven't been up to blogging, nevertheless I am back and pleased to have gained new followers in my absence. So welcome to you all!


Friday, 4 March 2011

Race For Life 5K

So this year Me and my Sister have decided to do the 5K race for life at Heaton Park in aid of Cancer Research UK.
Neither of us have any experience of running, jogging etc. this is simply something we want to do in aid to help raise some funds for Cancer Research UK.
I have set up an online sponsor page and it would be great if you could sponsor me, you can find my page by clicking on the below image! Thankyou to all of you! :)
Charlotte xx

I thought I saw a Puddy-tat!

So today I thought I would share with you some recent piccies I have taken of my cats in the many strange and curious places/sleeping positions I have found them in....I'll let the pics speak for themselves.
Princess on the Curtain Track

Freddy invading Cassie's personal Space

Isabelle hiding

Jasmine on the door!
And finally, a muffin one or more of my cat's helped themselves to when they were cooling on the side....obviously a fan of chocolate it would seem!

So what pets do you have? And what bizarre places do you find them in? I was utterly devastated when my cat climbed ontop of a 6 foot cupboard and knocked off and smashed my bottle of my favourite Juicy Jules!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

NOTD - spots!

This nail design was inspired by the camel spotted Dorothy Perkins dress that I was wearing. Rather than using a flat back, I decided to use a metallic brown to complement the champagne colour.
Models Own Champagne £5

This was my first attempt at nail art in any shape or form, and I have no specialist tools, but I was relatively pleased with the results and looking forward to experimenting as I plan on hunting for these nail art pens I spied on The Chic Beauty Blog.

Hope you are all looking forward to the weekend, I know I am. Tomorrow night involves a wedding reception of a friend of my fiancĂ©'s (note to self- must find something to wear). Saturday is a shopping trip as a catch up with a school friend who is down from London. Sunday involves going to Pizza Hut or for a Chinese with the OH. What are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Mariah Carey - Lollipop Bling

Now as I mentioned in a previous post here, I am somewhat a bit (OK maybe a LOT) of a perfume addict.
One of my perfume affairs are with those of the Mariah Carey range, owning M by Mariah Carey, Luscious Pink and Forever. So when I popped into the The Fragrance Shop to purchase a gift for a friend and saw a stand filled with not one, not two but three new Mariah Carey fragrances I immediately asked to smell them.

The 3 fragrances belong to a range known as Lollipop Bling which in the UK is exclusive to the Fragrance Shop and was inspired by her proposal of an engagement ring hidden in a ring pop wrapper. The three fragrances are candy-inspired and are all very sweet and girly.

The design of these bottles is sticking with the traditional M by Mariah design with the butterfly shaped lid which as a lover of butterflies I really like. The three fragrances are Mine Again, Honey and Ribbon. They are available to buy online for £11.99 for 30ml. However instore they were on sale for £14.99 but were included in a 2 for £20 promotion. I decided on purchasing Honey and Mine Again.

Honey is a citrus fragrance which you can immediately smell upon opening the box. Containing-
Top notes of  Passion fruit, pineapple juice and lemon drops
fading to Mid notes of  Amazon Lily, fresh ginger and white freesia
ending with Base notes of Frosted musks, linden flowers and honey.

This really is a lovely fragrance, perfect for the summer containing a cocktails of fragrances that are enough to make your mouth water.

Mine again is a berry fruity fragrance which upon first smelling my instinct was - cherryade. I know it may sound bizarre but it really is a beautifully girly and lovely fragrance. This fragrance is very strong and sweet so may not be for the faint hearted, those of you who liked Fantasy by Britney Spears may like this. I myself wasn't a lover of the fragrance as I found it too sweet whereas this one is a compromise between being too sweet and sickly. Mine again contains
Top notes of Red currants, Blood orange and Heliotrope
Mid notes of Raspberry Chocolate, Magnolia
Base notes of Creamy Musk, Tonka Beans, Vanilla

The fragrance is again long lasting and does fade down to a musky berry scent hours later which is lovely!

The final fragrance of the range is Ribbon. When smelling this in the store there was something about it that I wasn't keen on but couldn't quite put my finger on. The day I bought these was the day of release so I had yet to have read the fragrance content. It was only when I arrive home and searched online that I found what the killer of this fragrance was for me.....cucumber. I developed a dire dislike of the veg a few years back after being a lover of the stuff and now the mere scent of it makes me feel sick. For those of you who are interested Ribbon consists of 
Top notes: Raspberries, Honeydew, Cucumber pulp.
Mid notes: Hydrangea, Blue Lotus, Jasmine dew
Base notes: Liquid Musks, white woods, Sugar Crystals

This is the most discreet of the Lollipop Bling range so is perfect for those of you who aren't a fan of the sweeter smelling perfumes.
Image courtesy of
Have any of you tried this range? What do you think of it?
Charlotte xx

Dislaimer - this is not a sponsored post, these perfumes have been purchased with my own money.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Getting into a lather - Tara Smith Hair Care Range

I was recently sent some samples of the new hair care range by Tara Smith. Tara Smith is a UK born stylist who has worked with many stars including Demi Moore, Anna Friel, Linsay Lohan amongst many others.

Tara has developed a range which combines professional expertise and performance with natural and organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals, available at accessible prices.

Tara Smith’s products are:
  • Made with natural and organic earth friendly ingredients
  • Contain certified organic fragrances
  • Made in the UK
  • Vegan approved
  • BUAV approved
  • Easily Recyclable
  • All shampoos are anti-fade
  • Sulphate free so suitable for after Keratin treatment use
Tara Smith’s products do not contain:
  • Parabens
  • Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)
  • Glycols
  • Phthalates
  • PEGs
  • Artificial colouring
  • Synthetic fragrance
  • Animal Derivatives 
The range consists of A Base Coat Serum, Top Coat Glosser, Styling Gel and Shampoo & Conditioners of which there are 4 varieties; Feed the Root, Straight Away, C Curl and Big Baby.

I was sent a bottle of Straight Away Shampoo and Conditioner.
Image courtesy of
Straight Away Shampoo For squeaky clean sleek and shiny hair.
The shampoo contains 100% organic ingredients including Ginkgo Biloba known for it's anti-stress properties and Marine Algae to soften and condition dry hair.
Now the first time I used this shampoo I was unsure of if I liked it as I found it didn't lather up so well. Then on my second use I noticed a little "peel here" sign on the back of the bottle. Under this was a set of instructions and there clearly stated in black and white was a comment "this shampoo has no harsh detergents and will foam more slowly than normal shampoos" upon seeing this I gave the shampoo a good rub in my hands before applying to soaking wet hair and what would you hair was filled with a rich lather. The smell is adorable, very herbal with a hint of citrus that just screams "I'm all natural don't you know!"
Image courtesty of

Straight Away Conditioner For manageable sleek and shiny hair
The conditioner contains Marine Algae extract to soften the hair and make it easy to comb in addition to Wheat, Corn and Soy proteins to bind moisture to the hair and improve gloss and vitality
After discovering a peel me sign on the shampoo I peeled back the label of the conditioner. Under the instructions it said to comb the conditioner through the hair, however as I was already in the shower I didn't have a comb to hand. However the conditioner still smoothed through my hair with ease and upon rinsing with the shower was knot-free dispite my over eagerness with the lathering up of the shampoo. The label of the conditioner also states to rinse with cool water seal the hair cuticle - this is a great tip that I have heard of before. Flattening the cuticle smoothens the surface making the hair feel soft to the touch, as the surface is smoother it also creates a surface for light to reflect and thus making hair look shiny.

Once my hair was dry, my hair smelt of herbal-citrus goodness. It felt clean, light and so soft to touch, the added bonus I found with using this shampoo and conditioner is my hair doesn't seem to get greasy as quickly as with other products.

Price and Availability?
100ml £3.75 & 250ml £6.50 and is available to buy from Cult Beauty and Bodycare2000

Would I buy again?
Most definately, it is so refreshing to use a product on my hair that doesn't have harsh chemicals especially after deciding to start dying my hair after several years of abstinence. However it has to be the fresh scent that lingers in my hair and the fact my hair remains grease-free for longer that is the deal breaker for me! 
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