Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Avon Lipsticks

So I have just received 2 AVON lipsticks. One is from the new Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction Range and the other is from a range called Ultra Colour Rich Colordisiac which will be released in campaign 8.

Fushia Fever Moisture Seduction Lipstick Normal Brochure Price - £8.50
AVON describe this as "an ultra-creamy lipstick which contains ribbons of hydrating moisture, colour-charged pigments for vibrant colour and aqua silk complex to help seal in moisture for up to 24 hours"
I've tried this lipstick before in a "sample size" I really love the colour payout, the longevity is reasonable and you lips really do feel so soft and hydrated.

Can't Resist Coral Colordisiac Lipstick Normal Brochure Price - £8.50

AVON describe this to have a "Seductive Scent - entices with an aphrodisiac scent of irresistable vanilla, juicy pomegranate and succulent exotic fig" Having only swatched on my hand I can smell the fruity-vanilla essence oozing from this lipstick. I can also feel the creamy moisture of the lipstick and can imagine it to have the same moisturising effects as the moisture seduction. I also have to amazing is that packaging! I did have a strange chip in my bullet when I opened it....who knows?

This lipstick is available in brochure 8 with an introductory price of £5, however my sister is an AVON representative so kindly bought me one of these lipsticks to try.

Looking at the bullet I found this lipstick didn't quite live up to it's "Can't Resist Coral" name as it doesn't appear to have the slightest hint of coral about it - when I think coral I think orange hues...right?

So I went ahead with some swatches....
Top - Fuchsia Fever
Bottom - Can't Resist Coral
Not very coral is it? I still quite like the colour but I'm still on the hunt for a nice coral lippie - any recommendations?

Hope your enjoying your evenings :)


  1. I love this!! Especially the first one it looks like sweets :) xxxx

  2. Haha I love how it's swirled too. Really does feel amazing on your lips!

  3. I had a sample of the first one too (in a different colour) and loved how moisturised it made my lips feel...normally my lips dry right out with lipstick. xx

  4. Avon lippies really are fab!xx

  5. I have never tried Avon lipsticks. I do like quite paler lipsticks though x

  6. You should try them lisa, they're fab. They have paler colours and ones that give more of a glossy finish rather than a really pigmented colour payout.

  7. i really want to try Avon lipsticks, cuz i've heard so many gud things about them!

  8. My mums been an avon rep for yearsssss, since i was like 6 and im now 15, and iv tried so many products! iv got to recommend their nail enamel, but their lipsticks are not for me. the colours are not so bold and the lipsticks have to be re-applied alot. sorry to put you down but in my opinion Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick is the only one that works and even though it has a wide variety of colours it is not so promising as the brochure pictures are different to the colours in person..

    BUT, sciencegeek, i bought BarryM's number 54 lipstick and it is AMAZING, the exact colour of coral that suits every skintone! im sure you'll love it! im next going to try their number 147, i already know that it suits me because iv tried my friends, she got me trying Barry M and im now addicted x) hope you have a store near you, then you can go in and experiment.. i go to superdrug near my house :) please tell me if you need anymore suggestions :D xxx

  9. I would definately recommend Meryem x

    Aisha thanks for your comment, personally I do find the lipsticks to be rather good but that's just my opinion. As with all things, some love and some hate. I think I know the coral colour you suggested but I just think a bright orange coral is a bit too much for me :s
    I tried their touch of magic lippy which is green and transforms pink on the lips which is great and has good staying power.x


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