Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Gold Watches

I am on the hunt.....for a nice, but cheap gold watch.

I have fallen in love with the face design of this watch from asos.

However it is simply a no-go for me as I find the expander straps end up either pinching your skin, or pulling at the tiny hairs on your arms. Does anyone else find this?

This lovely watch is also another from asos. However I'm not sure if I find the £30 a little too hefty for what it is, as I know "gold" watches have a tendancy to brass with perfumes, age etc.

So do any of you lovely people have any helpful advice on where to go in my search for a nice gold watch? I would love one with a gold strap and a pretty face detail or a diamante detail like the one above.

I would also like to thank each and every one of you for following. I appreciate that I have been a bit absent recently, I have been feeling really ill with the flu so haven't been up to blogging, nevertheless I am back and pleased to have gained new followers in my absence. So welcome to you all!



  1. ooh i had the same thing happen to me with them type watches,i now try and avoid liking any like that.
    Good luck with finding a watch,some high street stores may have what you're looking for

  2. Thankyou hun. I think a shopping trip this weekend may be in order, so maybe I'll find something along my way then :) xx

  3. I think New Look and UO both had some simiar watches in, prices evade me though x

  4. I really like the ASOS one. It looks so much more wearable for everyday things. And the design on the face is gorgeous.

  5. Oooh decisions. Thanks for the comments girls. I'm hoping to go on a shopping trip this morning so I'll keep my eye out then :) xx

  6. I've had major gold watches crush recently. Luckily end up with vintage one. Somehow it looks like new!

  7. Nice collection of Gold Watches! These are the perfect gift for a loved one or an ideal opportunity to really spoil yourself and to buy a solid gold watch means making a statement of luxury and status. Thanks a lot.


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