Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Mariah Carey - Lollipop Bling

Now as I mentioned in a previous post here, I am somewhat a bit (OK maybe a LOT) of a perfume addict.
One of my perfume affairs are with those of the Mariah Carey range, owning M by Mariah Carey, Luscious Pink and Forever. So when I popped into the The Fragrance Shop to purchase a gift for a friend and saw a stand filled with not one, not two but three new Mariah Carey fragrances I immediately asked to smell them.

The 3 fragrances belong to a range known as Lollipop Bling which in the UK is exclusive to the Fragrance Shop and was inspired by her proposal of an engagement ring hidden in a ring pop wrapper. The three fragrances are candy-inspired and are all very sweet and girly.

The design of these bottles is sticking with the traditional M by Mariah design with the butterfly shaped lid which as a lover of butterflies I really like. The three fragrances are Mine Again, Honey and Ribbon. They are available to buy online for £11.99 for 30ml. However instore they were on sale for £14.99 but were included in a 2 for £20 promotion. I decided on purchasing Honey and Mine Again.

Honey is a citrus fragrance which you can immediately smell upon opening the box. Containing-
Top notes of  Passion fruit, pineapple juice and lemon drops
fading to Mid notes of  Amazon Lily, fresh ginger and white freesia
ending with Base notes of Frosted musks, linden flowers and honey.

This really is a lovely fragrance, perfect for the summer containing a cocktails of fragrances that are enough to make your mouth water.

Mine again is a berry fruity fragrance which upon first smelling my instinct was - cherryade. I know it may sound bizarre but it really is a beautifully girly and lovely fragrance. This fragrance is very strong and sweet so may not be for the faint hearted, those of you who liked Fantasy by Britney Spears may like this. I myself wasn't a lover of the fragrance as I found it too sweet whereas this one is a compromise between being too sweet and sickly. Mine again contains
Top notes of Red currants, Blood orange and Heliotrope
Mid notes of Raspberry Chocolate, Magnolia
Base notes of Creamy Musk, Tonka Beans, Vanilla

The fragrance is again long lasting and does fade down to a musky berry scent hours later which is lovely!

The final fragrance of the range is Ribbon. When smelling this in the store there was something about it that I wasn't keen on but couldn't quite put my finger on. The day I bought these was the day of release so I had yet to have read the fragrance content. It was only when I arrive home and searched online that I found what the killer of this fragrance was for me.....cucumber. I developed a dire dislike of the veg a few years back after being a lover of the stuff and now the mere scent of it makes me feel sick. For those of you who are interested Ribbon consists of 
Top notes: Raspberries, Honeydew, Cucumber pulp.
Mid notes: Hydrangea, Blue Lotus, Jasmine dew
Base notes: Liquid Musks, white woods, Sugar Crystals

This is the most discreet of the Lollipop Bling range so is perfect for those of you who aren't a fan of the sweeter smelling perfumes.
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Have any of you tried this range? What do you think of it?
Charlotte xx

Dislaimer - this is not a sponsored post, these perfumes have been purchased with my own money.


  1. I love how gorgeous the bottles look! I am a huge sucker for perfume and perfume bottles and sometimes I just buy for the bottle :O I like the sound of Honey perfume :) I like citrus scents and floral scents as opposed to sweet sickly scents ... that being said I do adore YSL parisenne and that is considered sweet scented .. hmm i must check out these perfumes

  2. A pretty bottle is a bonus with buying perfume. I just hate that I keep them hidden away in their boxes as apparently it helps them stay fresher for longer. I would have enough room if they were out of the box as I have them stacked on one another.
    I'd definately recommend Honey. D&G Light Blue is also a lovely citrus fragrance!


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