Saturday, 23 April 2011

My first Matalan Order

I have just made my very first online Matalan order!

Yesterday I was rather heartbroken in that finding since last summer I have somehow gained a few inches in height and dresses I bought last summer, their hemlines are now somewhat inappropriate and make me look (in the words of my Mother) like "big bird" lol.

So to make up for the loss of these dresses from my wardrobe I decided to pop onto the Matalan website in the hope of purchasing a few new dresses :) The following beauties made their way into my basket.....
Be Beau Eden Flower Mint Prom Dress - £25

Be Beau Oranges and Lemons Dungaree Dress - £23
Be Beau Print Tiered Maxi - £25
For you students who don't know already...Matalan offer 10% student discount! Meaning I saved £7.30 and I also received free delivery for spending over £50....double win!

Hope your all enjoying the sunny weather...I'm off to sit in the garden and write some notes before enjoying a Saturday games night with the other half and his family!



  1. oooh very nice, I love the print on the first dress!

  2. Ooh I love the 1st and 2nd dress. I am not keen on Maxi dresses (although the print on that one is lovely) I think because I am quite short I wonder if I would look lost in them! xx

  3. Thanks Gem.xx

    @The Brunette - I actually thought you would like the first dress too! It seems very you :)
    Ahhhh maxi dresses can be a slight faux pas on short people, as I'm tall they tend to suit me more and I don't get the dreaded trailing along the floor you see with so many people.xx

  4. Yeah I think they definitely look better on taller girls. That will look fab on you...lovely dresses.
    Its lovely getting things through the exciting x

  5. Those are really lovely dresses. and thank you sooo much for the lovely comment!! xx

  6. I love those dresses, especially the first one!

  7. They are all absolutely gorgeous! Especially the last one the colours are divine! Summery dresses are my fave I'm going to have to check out Matalan now I think :)

    Gorge blog - following you now :)


  8. Yes I managed to get them they only had one size 5 left which I brought and a size 7. They are really nice for £5.00, they are ideal for autumn/winter with opaques for work.

    Did you receive your matalan order?

  9. Thanks for the comment Sarah!

    Thankyou for commenting and following Sarah (fashion is my H20) I shall be sure to check your blog out :) The first 2 dresses were far to short on me but the maxi looked lovely!

  10. Oh thats a shame about the dresses.

  11. these floral dresses are lovely. i especially like the first one dear!

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  12. Wow...these are amazing dresses. It is difficult to find longer hemlines these days except for maxi dresses...but the dresses are so gorgeous, thanks for posting!


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