Saturday, 16 April 2011

Why I began blogging

I just thought I'd share with you guys what it was that spurred me into creating my blog. I'm now so close to 50 followers and I really really enjoy blogging and receiving all your lovely feedback and can't wait to arrange a giveaway to thank you guys!

The reason I begun blogging was after the very first blog I ever followed (via facebook) EJStyle moved home and jobs and so took a break from blogging (She's back now - yay!). Emma's facebook page was one I would go to everyday to look for links on new blog posts/ootd etc. so when her blogging stopped I was lacking my daily fashion fix.
To fill the gap that was in my life I decided to hunt on the internet for some new blogs.
A few caught my eye and so after a few weeks I decided to create a google account to follow them all and create my own blog and so Science Geek Chic was born! :) I was nearing the end of my 4 weeks notice at work and thought I would make the most of a bit of spare time and something to distract me from studies, I enjoyed shopping and wearing clothes so why not share my joy with those who shared my passion?

Creating my blog was one of the best things ever, it provides a welcome distraction from work and as much as I love science, it's good to have something to write about other than it! I have met some absolutely wonderful people through blogging, some of which I would call friends so I would again like to thank you all.

I'm also interested if any of you wish to share....why did you start blogging?

Much love,


  1. I started because I thought I had something to add to the conversation :) There are lots of reasons why I blog though, I wrote about this recently! :D

    Maria xxx

  2. Hi yeah its similar to me really

    I use to read Emma at Passion for Fashions (still follow her blog) blog and I thought wow I would like to do this as I like fashion and shopping.

    I thought it was like keeping an online diary xx

  3. lovely post. im exactly the same in regards to studying science, i love it but it's nice to have a creative outlet and write something other than lab reports!!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. this is so lovely to read!! You have a sweet blog xx

  5. this is such a lovely blog :)
    I'm just starting mine, please follow me?
    ♥ x x

  6. I can't even remember how I started blogging or why!

  7. Interesting post.
    I'd been writing about life in general on a live journal for years then I stumbled across a group of like minded people, some of who were blogging so I decided to jump in on it too.

  8. Oooh, thanks for all the comments. It's nice to hear what it was that inspired you and how our reasons can be so similar or different :)


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