Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Look Order

So, until sunday with the code NLAFPDJN you can receive 20% on full price and promotional items at New Look. I'd already been browsing the site to make a few post exam purchases, but had been waiting for this code to go live. I made this order shortly after Midnight yesterday (it has already been despatched hurray!) The good thing for any students reading is you get your NUS discount in addition to the 20% code so you receive a wopping 28% discount! Hurray!

So with both sets of discount this lovely trio cost me £52.53 meaning my brogues were free! I was thrilled to see these brogues available in black as I have the tan version which I love! (So much that I have already bought a "back-up" pair for when they are worn out!)

To wear with these two skirts I'm after a yellow sleeveless shirt and a navy sleeveless shirt however they're both sold out in my size so if any of you have any ideas of where I can find said items it would be much appreciated!

Hope you all make the most of the great discount, and of course enjoy the 50% sale that has launched today, (including several of my recently purchased skirts including one I am yet to wear - don't you hate it when that happens!)


*update* - So my order arrived and I had to return the whole lot sadly :( The blue midi was of a length that made me look like a granny. And the other skirt made me look so god damn frumpy! I was also gutted that one of the lace holes was ripped due to what looked like it had be "punched" twice, however I've ordered another pair online to replace them as neither of the two stores I visited had them in stock!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Another Avon Lipstick Haul

So, this haul is a collective haul of the lipsticks from the last two months worth of avon orders.

Platinum Pink - Ultra Colour Rich White Gold Lipstick

Avon say "Lips sparkle with glistening pearls of real gold. Contain skin pampering vitamin E"
This colour is a lovely "dusky" pink and contains flecks of white glitter. Avon are true to their word in that it is moisturising to the lips and the glitter  white gold flecks adds a touch of sparkle without being too much. The packaging is sticking with the typical bullet casing of the avon ultra colour range, however to tie in with the "white gold" the packaging is silver compared to the black or gold colour of the 24K gold variant.

Rose Sorbet - Pro-to-Go Lipstick
I may be easily amused here but I do love the casing design of these lipsticks with their "one hand application". For those of you who don't know, there is a slider which pushes the bullet up through a "flap" relieving the need for a lid meaning only one hand is needed for application.
I'd describe this as a red/pink. It's definitely more red than pink but isn't as pink as Fuschia Fever. This lipstick doesn't contain any glitter but does have a subtle "metallic???" sheen to it.

Pink Peach - Extra Lasting Lipstick
This lipstick is from the new "extra lasting range" Avon studies say it provides 8 hours of colour. Now I do agree in that it is slightly longer lasting that other lipsticks and does feel thicker on the lips due to this, however.....8 hours??? Certainly doesn't last that long on mine!
I chose this colour as I was looking for an alternative to coral lips as I felt it was too garish for me. The colour of this is perfect! A peachy colour with a pink hue, just as the name pink peach would suggest! Spot on Avon!

Charged Cherry - Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact Lipstick
Before purchasing this lipstick I had tried it as a sample. When I saw this £8 lipstick to be a "free gift" when I purchased a £6 blusher I jumped at the chance. The casing again is identical to that of the Ultra Colour range, however the bullet takes on a "jewelled shape for daring definition" - I have to say I much prefer a typical bullet and find it harder to apply this lipstick straight from the bullet.
The colour of this is a lush vibrant red with flecks of red glitter adding a touch of sparkle without being garish.

Top to Bottom - Platinum Pink/Rose Sorbet/Pink Peach/Charged Cherry
I did take individual swatches however the colours are more true on the group swatch as to what they are IRL.


Monday, 23 May 2011

50 Follower Giveaway - CLOSED

As I am with my 50 follower giveaway (although I know have 61 of you lovely lot :) )
To thank you all for following my little blog and listening to my ramblings here I have a few small items of which one of you lovely lovely people can win.....
New Look Tea Pot Necklace

MUA shade 5 (Pearl) & shade 18 (Matt)

Barry M Instant Nail Effects Pink Fizz

To be in with a chance of winning this lot all you have to do is be a follower of my blog via GFC and leave me a lovely little comment with a way of contacting you (email/twitter) - simple as :)

Entries are open for 2 weeks with entries after Sunday 5th June 23.59 not being counted!


p.s. just to add - open to UK followers only sorry!

Friday, 20 May 2011

I'm Back!

Hey guys, just a quick post to apologise for not managing to post anything during my exams like I mentioned I would try to in my last post. I have been ridiculously stressed the past few weeks with exams to the point of losing both my appetite and weight.

Exams are now over, not too sure how I have done but I am hoping I have passed. I would just like to thank you all for your well wishes both here and on twitter. Your support really does mean a lot. Without people's kind words and the help of my fiancĂ© and my Mother I would have cracked up by now as I do not cope one bit with exam stress.

Anyhow, my last exam was this morning. I am currently trying to regain the habit of eating food as I am waiting on a Chinese takeaway. I shall try and get some posts sorted for over the weekend including a launch of a giveaway and my latest AVON purchases!

Hope you all have a great friday; I know mine will be that much better now it is revision free and most likely filled with sleep as I am shattered!


Sunday, 8 May 2011


Hi everyone,
just a quick little post to apologise from my blogging to not get distracted from revision I have been absent from the blogging world! My exams finish in just under 2 weeks so posting shall resume properly then.
In the meantime I will try and fit a few post inbetween including a small giveaway to celebrate 50 followers.

Thankyou to all of you for still following despite my absence!

Roll on the end of exams.
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