Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Look Order

So, until sunday with the code NLAFPDJN you can receive 20% on full price and promotional items at New Look. I'd already been browsing the site to make a few post exam purchases, but had been waiting for this code to go live. I made this order shortly after Midnight yesterday (it has already been despatched hurray!) The good thing for any students reading is you get your NUS discount in addition to the 20% code so you receive a wopping 28% discount! Hurray!

So with both sets of discount this lovely trio cost me £52.53 meaning my brogues were free! I was thrilled to see these brogues available in black as I have the tan version which I love! (So much that I have already bought a "back-up" pair for when they are worn out!)

To wear with these two skirts I'm after a yellow sleeveless shirt and a navy sleeveless shirt however they're both sold out in my size so if any of you have any ideas of where I can find said items it would be much appreciated!

Hope you all make the most of the great discount, and of course enjoy the 50% sale that has launched today, (including several of my recently purchased skirts including one I am yet to wear - don't you hate it when that happens!)


*update* - So my order arrived and I had to return the whole lot sadly :( The blue midi was of a length that made me look like a granny. And the other skirt made me look so god damn frumpy! I was also gutted that one of the lace holes was ripped due to what looked like it had be "punched" twice, however I've ordered another pair online to replace them as neither of the two stores I visited had them in stock!


  1. Thanks for this code I think this will be used over the weekend

    I have tagged you on my blog xx

  2. lovely items you go and I adore the brogues. I've been on the looks out for a pair of black and tan brogues that aren't too chunky and not too expensive so I might have to be purchasing these soon =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. It is a pity you had to return them in the end! They looked marvellous in pictures!
    Lots of love from a new follower from Spain,

  4. Definitely try the brogues Hannah, they're fab! Just received the new pair I ordered to repair the damaged ones. xx

    Thanks for following Catanya! I was really disappointed that they had to be returned but I'm happy to have a replacement pair of the black brogues as I reordered them over the weekend! :)

  5. Ah wish i'd seen this earlier!


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