Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Your feet look gorgeous.....

Ok, so I am not a lover of feet, but what I am a lover of is shoes! My room is just shoes galore, infact I have that many it's hard to store them all (any storage tips would be greatly appreciated)
But my favourite type of shoes are New Look Shoes.....cheap, gorgeous and rather long lasting....I'd say around 80% of my shoes are from New Look.
The thing I love most about New Look shoes is not only their price...but their wide fit range. Now my feet aren't ridiculously wide but I do often find myself struggling with finding shoes a little too narrow but with wide fit shoes from New Look this isn't a problem. I normally take a size 7 in shoes but with wide fit I can fit into a 6 meaning that the narrowness of shoes must be causing me to have to "size up" to compensate.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to share with you a few wide fit delights I've picked up from New Look in the past few weeks......

Round Toe Frill Court - £12.99 
What a bargain these were! £12.99 but at the time I bought there was also 20% student discount meaning they cost me around a tenner! When I ordered these I also ordered the second pair of shoes.....I was of the thinking (silly me) that I would wait until the two arrived and see which I preferred as I was undecided from their pictures online but typically I ended up keeping the two as I fell in love with both!

Bow Detail Court - £19.99
Now I'd like to apologise for my shoddy photography skills here as I've made it look like the shoe possesses no heel. It does however and if you click on the link above you will see the shoe in all it's glory.

Wrap Bow Sandals £10
Now the purchase of these shoes was down to my Mother. Whenever I'm down at the few shops there is on Salford Precinct I like to drag her into New Look and it was actually her that pointed these out, they were on promotion from £19.99 to £10 meaning I could get student discount and so got them for £9!!!! If you click on the link below the picture you will see that they are also available in black and white. My store only had the gold version, however if I had the choice I still would have picked the gold as I have the black and white lace up wedges also from the Wide Range (black are no longer available online).

Of these 3 shoes I've only worn the 1st pair (frill courts) however they were extremely comfy and the heel is of a comfortable height and is also chunky meaning they don't feel like heels to walk in so I would definately recommend them!

So are you a fan of New Look shoes? And do you prefer their wide fit range?



  1. Love the bow detailed courts! Absolutely gorgeous + very chic!


  2. Thankyou! I know me too, I couldn't bare to part with them. There so cute and girly, perfect for tights and dresses!

  3. I too love New look shoes and boots and I adore that 1st pair she says as she runs off to see if they have them on the site still.

    I am going into town tomorrow so I may have a look for these if they have them!


  4. love new look shoes, and these shoes in particular, very very nice! xxx

  5. I'm a huge shoe fan as well. Definitely pass along any storage tips please, hehe!

    New Look do some great shoes, and they're all surprsingly comfortable. I love your shoes. Thsy second pair is amazing.

  6. 3 lovely pairs of shoes. i have a couple shoes from new look and they really are terrific value for money

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  7. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Have you thought about doing a blog sale before putting them on ebay? I may be interested in what other dresses you have too.xx

  8. Shoe storage is a nightmare for me too! New Look always have lovely styles of shoes, although funnily enough I don't tend to buy many of them because of the sizing! The wide is too wide and the standard is too pinchy. Curse my crazy feet :P. x

  9. Those second ones are beautiful! I love grey shoes and New Look shoes are always amazing!

    Maria xxx

  10. @Scientistchic - I hate it when your between sizes with shoes, it really is frustrating.xx

    @Maria - thankyou, I can't wait to wear them but with all the rain we've been having I've not wanted to ruin them. They're actually a light brown colour but look quite grey in the picture now you mentioned it.xx

  11. I love the bow detailed court shoes - very pretty especially that colour, I need to buy some new summery easy wearing shoes so a trip to New Look is a must x


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