Thursday, 14 July 2011

Festival Fever

Ok, so I'm not going to any festivals this year and infact I've never been to one, but we're amidst Festival season so I thought I'd do a little post on a few festival must haves!

1. South Fringe Waistcoat - Very - £14 I love the hippie vibe of this waistcoat and think it would be perfect to add a touch of style to a festival outfit. It would also work well over many a maxi dress for a garden barbeque.

2. Shorts - Dorothy Perkins - £15 Shorts are obviously a must have for a festival but I love the plait detail along with the darkened and frayed hem of these!

3. T Shirt - New Look - £8.99 Typical Groupie Tee! Perfect for a festival?!

4. Wellies - New Look - £19.99 Wellies are a must have for a festival and living in a field for the weekend. Who said they had to be boring? Got to inject a bit of glamour with some leopard!

5. Batiste Dry Shampoo Boho £2.99 for 300ml (available at all good chemists, Boots and Superdrug)- Dry shampoo would be my ultimate must have for a festival! No shower for a weekend = greasy hair (yuk!) and this is the perfect fragrance for a festival as it is a very edgy and vibrant scent. It has fruity top notes of lemon, orange and passionflower. Aromatic middle notes of spiced jasmine, lily and heliotrope leading to woody base notes combine with vanilla and musk. It is the perfect hippy fragrance so is most suited of all the batiste range for festival season!
The 150ml cans are available at ASOS for £2.25


  1. dry shampoo is a must!! I take a pair of tights to put on in the night, it can get a bit chilly in shorts xx

  2. Oooh that sounds like a good idea. I really would like to go to a festival one day :) xx

  3. Definitely need the dry shampoo and cute wellies! :)

  4. Love the 'I'm with the band' t-shirt. I would also add face wipes to the essentials list! x

  5. I do love the wellies Katie. I may have to buy a pair for winter incase we get another case of horrendous snow! xx

    Lizzy- it is a fun yet cheesy too and pooh most deffo face wipes! I find them an everyday staple so deffo for a festival! xx

  6. Great post, dry shampoo and wellies are my top two.

    Sadie xx


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