Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New York Color

So the other day I popped into superdrug to pick up some clear nail polish. The one I've been using for probably the past year is NYC in a minute quick dry top coat, otherwise known as Grand Central Station. This polish has served me well but now has got to the stage where the brush barely touches the polish (why are brushes always 5-6mm too short for the bottle?!?) and the polish looks a little cloudy and can be "stringy" when pulling the brush out of the bottle. The polish still transforms well on the nail but for the sake of a couple of quid I decided to repurchase.

I remembered the polish to be around £3 but in store discovered it was only £1.79 as they have dropped their prices. In addition to this, there was also an offer on that with the purchase of 2 NYC nail polishes you could get a kiss gloss worth around £2. I decided that with the polishes being so cheap I would pick up an extra polish to get the free lipgloss.

I decided on Park Avenue for the polish which is a brown (with a purple undertone?) as it's a colour unlike any of my others which are rather bright or colourful. For a gloss I picked up Murray Hill Melon which I was surprised by.
Left  - gloss applied to bottom lip. Right - gloss applied to both. (apologies for right picture being over exposed)
The gloss for the price is rather well pigmented. I expected it to be really thick and sticky but it isn't. The packaging says "shiny lips in fruity flavours". For me there is no taste to the product, when applying there is a fruity scent that is accompanied by a slight chemical fragrance but both these disappear once the product is applied. The longevity of the product is also surprisingly good. I'd definitely recommend trying these out for less than £2 and they would be good for layering over a lipstick.

I'm yet to try the brown polish yet, but I will let you know when I eventually do.

Is NYC a brand you've ever purchased from? I noticed their lipsticks are only £1.50 so I may pick up one or two or them to try.



  1. That colour really suits you I have never used NYC I must admit x

  2. Thankyou. I'd only used the clear polish but after trying the lipgloss I might see what else they have to order. All the stuff is really cheap but the quality seems reasonable.xx

  3. I have used their blush and it's fine! The eyeliner runs a bit but I find it ok for the price x

  4. I haven't bought NYC for ages, might have to check it out tomorrow on my lunch break!

  5. the gloss looks lovely. I find that glosses seem to wear off super fast...

  6. I quite like the look of the blush wheel Gem. May have a nose tomorrow and see what else they have to offer.xx

    Laura you should! It seems from the Superdrug website that all their prices have been dropped!xx

    Sophie - the gloss actually seemed really well wearing, especially for the price and it isn't too thick either.xx

    Thankyou Sadie! xx

  7. I think I have one NYC eyeshadow palette, they aren't a bad brand and quite reasonable I thought!

  8. I bought the clear and mauve-grey polish the other day good deal and quite good

    1. Yes, they're rather good value for the price! xx


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