Friday, 1 July 2011

Shopping Haul!

So, I finally got my exam results the other day and I was ecstatic with how will I done and still can't believe I managed to get the results I did! To think I was worried I would fail an exam. Anyway to celebrate I decided to treat myself to a small spot of shopping, and a day out with my Mum. (I say celebrate but I would have bought regardless of results but it's always good to have a good excuse for shopping hehe)

So what did I buy I hear you ask?


I was lucky enough in that both these palettes were in stock. The Curacao from the Caribbean collection isn't actually due to be released until the 6th I think and I was told by Sleek on twitter that when this is released the Monaco Palette from the Mediterranean collection will no longer be available.
I'm unsure of the price of these as the shelf said £6.49 but they went through the till at £6.99 until I mentioned the price tag on the shelf of which was then honoured and I received 10% student discount making them £5.85 each

This shower gel was only 90p! (It also provided 10 beauty points) I bought it as I'm in love with their shampoo and conditioner of the same fragrance that I've been using as I've been suffering from a dry, flaky (eurgh) scalp since exams but their shampoo clears it right up thanks to it's tea tree and minty goodness!

I also bought hayfever tablets (BOGOF) as I've developed hay fever this year. I originally was suffering from extremely puffy eyes and now cold like symptoms have developed (boo hiss!)

New Look

So we all now how much I love New Look shoes and when I saw these babies I was in LOVE! Down from £24.99 to only £8. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to wear them with yet but I couldn't leave them in the shop!


Now I love, love, love this dress! At £25 it's the most expensive thing I've bought from Primark however it was worth every single penny! Firstly I don't think it looks like a Primark item and secondly it most definately doesn't feel like it. The material is thick and of quality. The stitching is good and the dress is also fully lined and has a region of netting to give that true 50's look. Whilst wearing this dress I feel like I should be singing a number from Grease. It's the kind of dress I wanted for my 21st but as that's the end of August I don't think I can leave this beauty waiting for 2 months for me to wear it!

These shoes were in the sale from £12 to £6. I really love red shoes and especially these as they are so shiny. Sadly there was only around 4 pairs left on the shelf and none of those were my size.However a young girl was straightening shoes nearby and so I asked her if there happened to be any more and she was really helpful and looked in the stockroom for me and what would you know they had my size!

Well I hoped you enjoyed this little haul, sorry it's been rather wordy I'm just really fond of my new purchases and chuffed to have got all this for less than £50! Hope you have all done well in any exam results that you may have received!



  1. Hiya Charlotte

    I love those New Look shoes they are so girly and gorgeous.

    I love the dress too.

    I saw loads of shoes reduced to £6.00 in Primark but they are way too high for me I don't think I could walk in them xx

  2. The shoes are amazing! So Is the did so well, love this post!

  3. Those New Look bargain shoes are amazing! Congrats on your results xox

  4. gorgeous shoes, both pairs and also pretty pretty dress =) congrats with the exam results too x

  5. Jealous of your sleek :) all looks lovely hon x

  6. all that for £50? Unreal. Love those sandals and palettes. Great finds!!!

  7. Yay on your exam results! Your haul looks great, and very well deserved. I love the shoes.

  8. Don't you just love Sleek make up? Such a bargain and good quality.

  9. Thankyou all for your lovely comments :)
    Glad to hear you all like my purchases. Xx

    @a thrifty mrs it's the first time I've tried sleek but I am really impressed, the quality I's fab. The shadows are so pigmented and as you say they're a bargain price! xx

  10. Congratulations on the results!
    This looks like the most amazing way to celebrate
    And what lovely little finds, that dress is gorgeous

  11. Thanks Cherry, I can't wait to wear them! xx

    Thankyou Raji, shopping is an amazing way to celebrate anything. I was really pleased with my finds. I've been online shopping too, wonder how long celebrating can be my excuse? Hehe xx

  12. Fab haul, love everything. That dress is so pretty x

  13. Those floral shoes are lush. Love love love! x

  14. Thankyou hun. I really can't wait to wear them just need to decide what with, in the mean time I can just stare at their beauty hehe.


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