Monday, 29 August 2011

Real Women have Curves!

This is a bit of a moany blog post so I apologise, but I hope (and also am pretty sure) that I am not alone in having this gripe.....
far too many clothes stores don't proportion their clothes well enough for women with curves!

Now I appreciate that we all have different body shapes, but I am fed up with badly proportioned clothes. We aren't all straight up and down, many women have hips and boobs, so why can't our outfits be made for this!
I'm sick and tired of having to buy a dress size up in coat for them to fit my shoulders/hips to have it huge on the waist. 
Another thing I am finding more and more annoying is the chest in dresses/shirts not being big enough. I wouldn't say I have a huge chest, probably just an average bra size but I am increasingly finding that many things I try are just gaping under the armpits. Sure I can get a dress size up to get them to fit, but then what about the baggyness everywhere else?

It was this dress that spurred me into writing this blog post. I love the colour, the material feels nice, skirt is of a good length and fullness but just look at the gaping arm holes? Seriously not a good look?

Anybody else with me on this? Or is it just me?


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Birthday BBQ OOTD

Yesterday I had a BBQ party for my 21st Birthday which was on Thursday.
In typical sods law fashion it was glorious sunshine on Thursday, yet yesterday morning saw a huge downpour of rain. Luckily we were prepared for the weather and had a huge gazebo in the garden, however once people had arrived the rain had stopped.

I ended up sticking a pair of nude dolly shoes on in place of my red heels in fear of sinking in any parts of the grass that had remained water logged from the rain.

Dress & Shoes - Primark

It was a good day and I got lots of lovely presents including jewellery, perfume and a watch. My Mum got me a gorgeously cute necklace which came in a presentation box with a lovely poem.
The necklace was a pain to photograph so pic taken from here

Apparently it takes 7 people to light a BBQ.

My Yummy Birthday Cake my Fiance surprised me with :) (Roses as my middle name *cough* is Rose lol)

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend whatever you have been doing.


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Natural Collection - 3 for £4.99

Yesterday I decided I would pop into boots to pick up a Natural Collection Lipstick as I have heard many good things about them on the blogosphere, they're only £1.99 plus I have a coupon to get 100 points on my boots card when buying a lipstick.

Whilst browsing the Natural Collection stand I noticed that all the make up was on a 3 for £4.99 offer so I decided to browse the range to see what else was on offer. In the end I chose 2 blushers.

Pink Cloud / Raspberry / Peach Melba

The blushers caught my eye as not only do they feel really creamy, they aren't over pigmented so will apply the subtle flush of colour without needing a light hand and also contain no shimmer (something I've been hunting for in a cheap blush)

Pink cloud is a mid-toned pink, where peach melba (as they like to name anything remotely peach toned) is a peach/brown colour. I'm yet to try these on the face but from swatching I am rather pleased for the small price tag.

The lipstick I picked was a moisture shine lipstick in raspberry which as the name would suggest is a lovely dark berry colour, it is more pink IRL than the swatch below shows.

Pink Cloud / Peach Melba / Raspberry
Have you tried Natural Collection before? If not will you be picking anything up to try? 


Monday, 22 August 2011

ASOS Sale Purchases

I was browsing the ASOS sale to see what bargains could be grabbed using the EXTRA20 discount code (for 20% off until weds.)
As it's my (21st!!) birthday on Thursday and I haven't bought much the past month I thought I'd treat myself to a few pre-birthday treats, the influence of Hannah from Hello Beautiful also did not help!

The following beauties slipped into my basket......

Rocketdog boots
Was £75  £19.20 with discount

I have a pair of ankle rocketdog cowboy boots that I love, however they are made of real suede and so I wouldn't like to wear them in placement as fear of spilling something on them in the lab. These will be perfect as they're flat and are of a leather type material that will wipe clean.

Paul's Boutique Bag
Was £65  £29.20 with discount
Now Paul's Boutique bags are not to everyone's style as there's a lot of stigma with them being associated with "chavs" I own another PB bag and so when I saw this big beaut for such a bargain price I knew I'd have to nab it.

River Island Maxi
Was £34.99  £8 with discount
I know we're coming to the end of what little of summer we've had, but I couldn't pass up on this maxi for only £8. I love the cut out detail around the chest and the detailing under the chest. Gorgeous!

So will you be grabbing any bargains in the ASOS sale? Don't forget EXTRA20 for 20% off until weds.


P.S. I would like to apologise for the dire lack of posts. Two weeks ago I started my placement working in the research laboratories at kidscan; a childrens cancer research charity, so I've been letting myself settle in hence the lack of posts. 

Saturday, 13 August 2011

North West Bloggers - Manchester Meet Up!

Many of us Northerners don't often get the chance to meet other bloggers with many events or meet-ups being based down South meaning it's difficult to travel etc. etc.

So me and the lovely Rebecca from Be Beautiful decided that we would organise a "North-West" Bloggers meet up in Manchester. This isn't strictly for people in the North West, anybody is welcome!

Basically, we're both wondering who may be interested? We were thinking perhaps some time at the beginning of september, at a weekend, meaning it would be a more convenient time for people who work or students heading back for the new term. 

Any of you that are interested please tweet/email either me (@sciencegeekchic/ or Rebecca (Leer31/ Do let us know what date(s) you would prefer

Thanks! Hope many of you can make it 


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Avon superSHOCK Mascara Vs Avon superSHOCK MAX Mascara

I'm sure most of you may have heard by now of Avon's SuperShock mascara, it is a firm favourite of mine so when I saw a new Supershock Max was being released I had to try it.

Supershock Max claims to increase the size of lashes by upto 15x with one swipe, doesn't clump and is hypoallergenic. So I thought I'd put it to the test and compare it with the original Supershock.

The original wand is a big brush with small plastic spikes, whereas the new Supershock MAX wand is again plastic but takes on a helical shape.

Supershock MAX / Supershock
Both mascaras provide a lengthening appearance but it is clear to see that the lashes seem more separated when using the original Supershock compared to the MAX.

Supershock MAX / Supershock
A second coat of Supershock sees a dramatic improvement in the length and separation of lashes whereas with the Supershock MAX the length doesn't seem improved as greatly and the lashes are less defined and have started to clump.

Supershock MAX / Supershock
A 3rd coat of the Supershock further improves the length of the lashes however a 3rd coat of the Supershock MAX seems to only enhance the clumping nature.

With the original supershock mascara the lashes appear longer and separately defined, with the Supershock MAX lashes don't appear as long and clumped.

I think the main problem with this mascara is the brush, I prefer the older shape as I feel it provides a better coating so this may be the problem as to why I found clumping.
This product may work better for others but personally I found the older mascara to be better for me.
There seems no difference to me in the consistency of the mascaras so I think the main problem is the brush.

Supershock retails for £8.50 and Supershock MAX for £10.
In the future I will definitely be sticking to the original formula as not only is it that bit cheaper but provides better results for me.
I would be interested to see if using the brush of the Supershock for the Supershock MAX helps with lengthening and preventing clumping, do let me know if this is something you would like to know the results of.


p.s. I apologise that the quality of the pictures isn't 100% great, it's a really gloomy, rainy day so finding decent lighting for picture taking is hard.
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