Thursday, 4 August 2011

Avon superSHOCK Mascara Vs Avon superSHOCK MAX Mascara

I'm sure most of you may have heard by now of Avon's SuperShock mascara, it is a firm favourite of mine so when I saw a new Supershock Max was being released I had to try it.

Supershock Max claims to increase the size of lashes by upto 15x with one swipe, doesn't clump and is hypoallergenic. So I thought I'd put it to the test and compare it with the original Supershock.

The original wand is a big brush with small plastic spikes, whereas the new Supershock MAX wand is again plastic but takes on a helical shape.

Supershock MAX / Supershock
Both mascaras provide a lengthening appearance but it is clear to see that the lashes seem more separated when using the original Supershock compared to the MAX.

Supershock MAX / Supershock
A second coat of Supershock sees a dramatic improvement in the length and separation of lashes whereas with the Supershock MAX the length doesn't seem improved as greatly and the lashes are less defined and have started to clump.

Supershock MAX / Supershock
A 3rd coat of the Supershock further improves the length of the lashes however a 3rd coat of the Supershock MAX seems to only enhance the clumping nature.

With the original supershock mascara the lashes appear longer and separately defined, with the Supershock MAX lashes don't appear as long and clumped.

I think the main problem with this mascara is the brush, I prefer the older shape as I feel it provides a better coating so this may be the problem as to why I found clumping.
This product may work better for others but personally I found the older mascara to be better for me.
There seems no difference to me in the consistency of the mascaras so I think the main problem is the brush.

Supershock retails for £8.50 and Supershock MAX for £10.
In the future I will definitely be sticking to the original formula as not only is it that bit cheaper but provides better results for me.
I would be interested to see if using the brush of the Supershock for the Supershock MAX helps with lengthening and preventing clumping, do let me know if this is something you would like to know the results of.


p.s. I apologise that the quality of the pictures isn't 100% great, it's a really gloomy, rainy day so finding decent lighting for picture taking is hard.


  1. Ooooh you have lovely eye lashes :) xxx

  2. Awww, thankyou, that's a lovely thing to say :) xx

  3. Ooh great review I agree you do have really long lashes before mascara. xx

  4. This is a great review, the 1,2,3 coat pics is such a good idea and having the two diff mascaras next to each other makes it really good to compare :)

    thanks for sharing!
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  5. i love your eyelashes, i really like how you have done this review, with the different coats and the mascaras next to teach other :) xx

  6. Thankyou for your feedback girls. Glad you like my review :) I was worried how people would find it.xx

  7. I actually prefer the MAX formula but then again I could only tell the difference after 3 coats

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  8. You have such lovely eyelashes! I've never tried an Avon mascara although I remember all the hype around the supershock mascara and it looks fab xx

  9. Great review! The mascara looks pretty good. :)

  10. Thanks for your comments girls, both mascaras are fab! I'd recommend either!xx


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