Sunday, 28 August 2011

Birthday BBQ OOTD

Yesterday I had a BBQ party for my 21st Birthday which was on Thursday.
In typical sods law fashion it was glorious sunshine on Thursday, yet yesterday morning saw a huge downpour of rain. Luckily we were prepared for the weather and had a huge gazebo in the garden, however once people had arrived the rain had stopped.

I ended up sticking a pair of nude dolly shoes on in place of my red heels in fear of sinking in any parts of the grass that had remained water logged from the rain.

Dress & Shoes - Primark

It was a good day and I got lots of lovely presents including jewellery, perfume and a watch. My Mum got me a gorgeously cute necklace which came in a presentation box with a lovely poem.
The necklace was a pain to photograph so pic taken from here

Apparently it takes 7 people to light a BBQ.

My Yummy Birthday Cake my Fiance surprised me with :) (Roses as my middle name *cough* is Rose lol)

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend whatever you have been doing.



  1. Typical British weather! I'm so glad you had a lovely time none-the less. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous and suits your figure so well! The shoes are incredible but I'd definitely be swapping them for dollies within about 5 minutes too - Comfort wins out for me! Lovely cake (very hungry now waiting for my Sunday Roast to cook and this hasn't helped ha-ha) and happy late birthday to you!


  2. Haha, typical Bank Holiday weather too! Awww thankyou :) I was gutted I couldn't wear my shiny new shoes but the dollies were much comfier and practical lol. Thankyou for the Birthday Wish :) xx

  3. Your outfit is gorgeous! I wish Australia had Primark :-( I think I will be shopping up a storm there when I visit UK. Your hair is amazing by the way :-) xo

  4. Happy 21st birthdat.

    Love your outfit the dress and shoes are lovely. I cannot wait till my hair back to your length again! xx

  5. Aww thankyou tinkerbell9110

    Thankyou Lisa, aww hopefully it will be soon enough. Mine seems to grow really slowly now, it's good as it means I don't have to get my roots touched up too often hehe xx

  6. Happy Birthday! Your outfit is gorgeous and that cake looks delicious

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  7. You look absolutely stunning and it looks like you had a lovely day despite the crap British weather!

    Happy belated birthday xx

  8. Gorgeous. xxx

  9. You look fab, love the outfit, so pretty. Jealous of your beautiful long hair :) xx

  10. Aww, thankyou! I'm needing a hair cut soon though! It's just getting the appt booked and deciding what to do with it! xx


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