Saturday, 13 August 2011

North West Bloggers - Manchester Meet Up!

Many of us Northerners don't often get the chance to meet other bloggers with many events or meet-ups being based down South meaning it's difficult to travel etc. etc.

So me and the lovely Rebecca from Be Beautiful decided that we would organise a "North-West" Bloggers meet up in Manchester. This isn't strictly for people in the North West, anybody is welcome!

Basically, we're both wondering who may be interested? We were thinking perhaps some time at the beginning of september, at a weekend, meaning it would be a more convenient time for people who work or students heading back for the new term. 

Any of you that are interested please tweet/email either me (@sciencegeekchic/ or Rebecca (Leer31/ Do let us know what date(s) you would prefer

Thanks! Hope many of you can make it 



  1. I would love to come but live in the south. x

  2. Not sure if I've missed the boat on this, but I'm from the North and we were trying to organize a northern meet up a few weeks ago but no-one responded!! We definitely need to all band together- England is a small enough place!!

    Charlotte x


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