Monday, 22 August 2011

ASOS Sale Purchases

I was browsing the ASOS sale to see what bargains could be grabbed using the EXTRA20 discount code (for 20% off until weds.)
As it's my (21st!!) birthday on Thursday and I haven't bought much the past month I thought I'd treat myself to a few pre-birthday treats, the influence of Hannah from Hello Beautiful also did not help!

The following beauties slipped into my basket......

Rocketdog boots
Was £75  £19.20 with discount

I have a pair of ankle rocketdog cowboy boots that I love, however they are made of real suede and so I wouldn't like to wear them in placement as fear of spilling something on them in the lab. These will be perfect as they're flat and are of a leather type material that will wipe clean.

Paul's Boutique Bag
Was £65  £29.20 with discount
Now Paul's Boutique bags are not to everyone's style as there's a lot of stigma with them being associated with "chavs" I own another PB bag and so when I saw this big beaut for such a bargain price I knew I'd have to nab it.

River Island Maxi
Was £34.99  £8 with discount
I know we're coming to the end of what little of summer we've had, but I couldn't pass up on this maxi for only £8. I love the cut out detail around the chest and the detailing under the chest. Gorgeous!

So will you be grabbing any bargains in the ASOS sale? Don't forget EXTRA20 for 20% off until weds.


P.S. I would like to apologise for the dire lack of posts. Two weeks ago I started my placement working in the research laboratories at kidscan; a childrens cancer research charity, so I've been letting myself settle in hence the lack of posts. 


  1. Oooh nice boots! Bargain bag too! I have to confess, I ordered a dress and eyeliner from ASOS a couple of days ago. The dress was already in the sale, plus I used to 20% off code - Look at me justifying buying myself new stuff!!

  2. Nice bag and boots and great bargains.

    I just ordered some boots reduced at River Island xx

  3. Wow bargains, lovely buys :). I'm off to have a browse ;) xx

  4. Oooh glad you all like my purchases :) xx

  5. the maxi will still be fresh next summer. Love that pair of boots, how cool will they look?! :D

  6. I've always wanted something from Paul's Boutique and that dress is so pretty

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  7. That was my thinking with the dress Sophie, and I really hope the boots look as nice as the picture and fit! :)xx

    Oooh you should buy something, I love my other bag :) Glad you like the dress, I hope it suits me and is long enough when it arrives.xx


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