Friday, 7 October 2011

Racoon International Shampoo - How Luxurious!

A few weeks ago I was sent a bottle of Shampoo to try from Racoon International's new product range.

The shampoo I was sent to try was a  bottle of Luxurious Shampoo - enriched with moisturising and natural extracts to gently cleanse hair and scalp. Like the other products in the range it comes in a gorgeous Red Bottle with Silver writing. I was impressed with lid opening and how it was different to any other I'd seen before (Call me easily amused)

The products in this range are designed for use on extensions but work just aswell on natural hair meaning both extension wearers and those with naturally long hair like myself can experience the salon quality.

The product itself certainly lived up to it's name of being "Luxurious". The shampoo was thick and creamy and had a delicious fruity smell.
As I've mentioned in previous posts I use Batiste Dry Shampoo between hair washes and sometimes I can find that I have to double shampoo my hair after using Batiste as I feel the first wash doesn't "lather up" as well meaning my hair doesn't feel clean enough with one wash. However with this product the first wash was enough and the product lathered up considerable and a small amount of shampoo went a long way. In addition to not needing to double shampoo.

The product retails at £10 for 250ml - this is more expensive than a shampoo I would usually buy however you are getting Salon Quality products, and it would be a useful product for the extension wearer.

Overall I was impressed with this product, it left a pleasant fruity smell in my hair and made it clean and soft. I would definately like to try the matching conditioner.

Other products available in the range....
Hair Shine Serum 50ml - £8 / Thermal Defence Spray 150ml - £8 / Detox Shampoo 250ml - £10 /  Luxurious Shampoo 150ml - £10 / Luxurious Conditioner 250ml  - £10 / Everyday Conditioner 150ml - £10 / Conditioning Hair Mask 100ml - £10
Hope you are doing well. I appeared to have misplaced my camera (these pics were saved on my computer). So I have been missing out on posted OOTDs. They will resume as soon as I locate my camera hehe.



  1. It sounds fab, but more than I would pay for hair products!

  2. That's the only problem. I love the product itself but do find the price tag a little steep. The product is worth the money, it's just it's a lot to spend for a so often used product.

  3. hmm it does sound brilliant but I would not spend so much on hair products I have to admit...maybe I am a cheapskate ha ha xx


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