Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Dermatologists Favourite - Cover FX

A few weeks ago an I received an email about a brand called Cover FX, now I have to admit I had never heard of the company before so had a little browse online to see what I could find.
The email was an invitation to visit the Cover FX counter in Harvey Nichols for a colour match by National Make Up Artist by Viktor Charles.
I agreed to an appointment time and so off I went to Harvey Nicks, armed with very little knowledge about the company and it's products, eager to learn more about what seemed a rather unique brand.
When I arrived I was greeted by Viktor, who told me a little about the work of the company before getting set on colour matching me.

Who Are Cover FX?

I was surprised to discover that Cover FX was actually developed in a hospital in Canada by Lee Graff a corrective make-up specialist, who worked alongside chemical engineer Jenny Frankel and dermatologist Dr. Neil Shear. Lee wanted to develop a range of products that were suitable for patients with skin conditions such a rosacea, acne, scars, vitiligo etc. Many of the traditional camouflage make ups used would aggravate the sensitive skin of patients with such conditions so she wanted something that would both cover but be gentle on skin.
And so the Cover FX range was born; a line of skin corrector and perfectors. However it is not just for people with skin conditions - but also for those who want a product that will provide coverage whether it be sheer of full, and also care for the welfare of their skin.

As Cover FX was developed in Canada it is currently in the UK exclusive to Harvey Nichols and I believe selected branches of House of Fraser. Other than the UK it is only available in Canada and America.

The Colour Match

On a day to day basis I tend to wear tinted moisturiser with a little powder for a sheerer coverage so for my colour match I asked Viktor for a light to medium coverage. First he primed my skin with Skin Prep FX (£44 - 30ml) - a nourishing primer and Anti-aging serum. This was a primer that didn't require prior moisturisation and Viktor also recommended it could be used as a night time cream! Viktor provided me with a mini sample to take home - definitely a product I will consider purchasing!

Next I was colour matched with a foundation suitable for skin containing both pink and yellow undertones; Natural FX in E20 (£37 - 30ml) a water based liquid foundation providing moderate coverage. It contains SPF 15 and no perfume, parabens or oil meaning it is suitable for sensitive skin. The product is very hydrating to the skin and leaves a lovely dewy finish.

Viktor told me the importance of setting my foundation with a powder and said it should be done before applying blusher and/or bronzer otherwise the blush/bronze will not "sit" in the right place as blending is hard due the foundation providing a tacky surface for the powder to cling to. He used Setting FX - a Translucent Setting Powder in Light (£29 - 13g) This contains light diffusing minerals which gives the skin a lovely sheen as you can see in the below swatches, without any of the glitter effect that is found with many mineral based products (in my experience). This powder can be used for both cream and powder foundations to extend foundation wear and prevent transfer.

Viktor then applied Bronze FX (£25 - 12g) in gold with a touch of blusher. Swatches of the bronzer can be seen below with and without flash both heavily swatched and slightly swatched. As you can see its a lovely colour suitable for people with a fairer complexion. I don't often use a bronzer as I haven't been able to find one that I find suits my skin as I am never tanned but I am very pleased with this product, it can provide a light flush of bronze and can also be built up for the summer when you want a bit more of a bronzed glow. A tip Viktor gave to me was to place a light dusting of bronzer under my chin where the sun doesn't fall to blend the colour of your face with your neck.

My Opinion and Experience of the Products
Like the way each package says what active ingredients can be found and therapeutic effects they have to the skin
It is good to know a product is available to recommend to people who have skin conditions/birth marks etc.
Is approved and developed by dermatologists
It is slightly pricier than other high end products but have to consider the fact that it's part of a small market of camouflage make ups and is a product that has consideration for the wellbeing of skin
Packaging is sturdy. Reassuring "click" from bronzer packaging.
Listen to the "peel carefully" sticker on the setting powder, I was a little too aggressive and almost ended up in a cloud of powder.
Great coverage - the day I had my colour match, I'd woken with a pounding head and baggy eyes, the dark circles were completely disguised after the application.
They are a cruelty free brand and approved by the PETA.

Colour matches are free at your local Harvey Nichols counter so I would definitely recommend going and trying them for yourself! Sorry I don't have a picture of the make up applied by Viktor, my camera broke the day I had my consultation and the blackberry camera did not suffice. I shall provide an "update post" of the make up applied by myself.


Note - The above products were sent to me by Cover FX after receiving my colour match, however my review is honest and the opinions expressed are as if the products were purchased with my own money.


  1. I haven't heard of this brand before but the products sound really good - the bronzer looks lovely :) xx

  2. This brand looks nice! I love the foundation. By the way your new layout is snazzy! :-)

  3. It really is. I applied a full face of it today and I am genuinely impressed!
    Glad you like the layout! :D xx


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