Friday, 9 December 2011

Happy Birthday Science Geek Chic

Yes, my little blog is 1 year old today! I only realised it's "birthday" was coming up the beginning of this week otherwise I would have tried to organise a little giveaway!
Nonetheless I would like to say a HUGE thankyou to all of my followers! I know my blog isn't as fab and fancy as many others out there but I blog because I enjoy it and knowing there are over 100 lovely people who like listening to my rambles makes things even better :)

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Tonight I'm off for a meal with some other Manchester bloggers for a pre-christmas get together! I would say "pictures to follow" however I discovered yesterday that my camera has lost the will to focus!



  1. Happy blog birthday

    Have a fab night xx

  2. yay, happy blog birthday. Have a great night x

  3. Happy BloggyBirthday!! I will put the couple of pics I took on Fb xx

  4. It's a bit late but Happy Blog Birthday! :) xx


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