Saturday, 29 December 2012

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

Hello lovelies, 
hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!
Mine was great and I received some lovely gifts and enjoyed giving my family theirs. It was also lovely to have the opportunity (and excuse) to take a few days break from revising.

Anyway, it's been a while since I've posted an outfit post so I decided to pap a pic of today's outfit. 
In hindsight, this wasn't the best idea at 10 o'clock when I'm tired from a day of revision (also not helped by the fact I'm wearing no make-up/not bothered with my hair).

The dress was a fantastic sale bargain from Uttam London at Dorothy Perkins. I think it was around £9 with student discount. The shoes are also an eBay bargain bought for £10 + £3.50 p&p (They're £30+ on Missguided/BooHoo etc.)

I tried taking a pictures of the print up-close and the cute frill detail to the proved rather difficult...

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous new year! 
Eat, drink and be merry! 


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Nails

Hey guys,
Just a quick post as I wanted to show you the Christmas themed nails I created for my niece when she came to stay this weekend.
These are a few snaps I took on my phone pre-clean up. I planned on taking some on my camera but silly me forgot before taking my niece home.

Hope you all like them! I really must invest in some dotting tools to make designs like these easier!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dolly Daydreams Bespoke Jute Bags

Hey guys,
today I want to introduce you to a small company run via facebook. I've not been asked to blog about this company but I purchased from there myself and was so delighted I just had to share it with you!

Dolly Daydreams specialises in personalised jute bags - you can provide name, hair & eye colour and any theme you want, or can provide a picture and Natalie will have your bag prepared within 2 weeks!
If your local to the Salford/Manchester area you can arrange collection, or if not Natalie will happily post your bag for £4, and she has even sent items internationally!!

The bags come in 3 sizes (or you can buy a bottle bag for £5) 
small - £7
medium - £10
large - £15

The small bags are perfect as a little lunch bag, and the medium is big enough to fit in an A4 folder so perfect for school/college/uni.

I recently bought 2 medium sized bags; one for myself and another as a christmas present for my neice.
For my bag I asked for red (not bright) hair, green eyes, and a navy polka dot 50's dress. The bag took two weeks to make before I collected it, and I have been using it none stop since!!

I've had so many comments on my bag already, with many people wanting to buy one themselves and being gobsmacked that they are only £10!! There is certainly a lot of work that goes into making these bags and I can't wait to buy another!!

I'd also like to point out that the paint is waterproof, I was horrified to get my poor bag wet the very first day I used it but the colour did not run!

If you would like to buy a bag then you can add Dolly Daydreams as a friend on facebook, or you can like the page for Dolly Daydreams on facebook.
It seems there is no end to what themes can be created so I shall leave you with a few of my favourites (I'm forever stalking the pictures of new bags made for customers). My favourite has to be the Belle bag, however the big kid in me would opt for the long floaty dress as opposed to the more grown-up mini-skirted version.
Adult Belle Bag
Mermaid Bag
Yorkies Bag

Winter Wonderland Bag

Hope you all love Dolly Daydreams as much as I do! They make the perfect gifts for Christmas but you'll have to get your order in quick as there's only a few more days left to order to ensure delivery before Christmas!!


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Charity Shop Finds

Hello my lovelies,
hope you are all doing well! 
I can't believe how close it is to Christmas now! It really is going to be non-stop for me with little time for celebrations, and lots of time spent on uni work!

Anyway, I thought I'd take a little break to share with you my Charity Shop loot for the week. I've become rather fond of charity shopping recently, with some of my favourite outfits consisting of a charity shop bargain, it's great for finding those items you may have missed out on and I often snag new stuff for next to nothing! Me and my Mum try to check out the local shops weekly. I head to the local 2 near my house, and now I'm back on the road I drive the 15 minute journey to the next shopping centre to have a look at the 4 there (2 of which I always find amazing bargains!)

 Next Dress - £3.69 Age Concern

I've been wanting a new black jersey dress for a while to wear with some of my fancier shoes so I can play my outfit down and let the shoes do the talking. The dress looks brand new with no sign of wear. I just love the little crochet collar and the dress is so much prettier on than it is on the hanger. It skims the waist than has a lovely knee length flippy skirt.

 Red Herring bag - £2.99 Age Concern

I couldn't resist the adorable print of this bag! I snatched it up straight away, there was no price on so I was delighted to be told it was £3! It has a removable across the body strap and it amazing condition (I think it may have never been used!)

Next Shoes - £6.99 BHF
I originally picked these shoes up as my Mum was looking for a pair of flat shoes, so was pleasantly surprised to see the cute block heel. They were half a size bigger than I usually take however were a perfect fit when I tried them on. There's barely any signs of wear on the soles, so these were a complete bargain - some of the shoes seen for sale in charity shops can be horrendous! I would never buy a pair that looked like they had been more than once as I can see it to be unhygienic and bad for the feet non?

Butterfly Ring - 50p Scope 

This was from a stand of brand new jewellery. It originally was £2 however everything on the stand was 2 for £1 so I bought this and a necklace for my Mum. I loved how the design went up the finger as opposed to being a double finger ring. (Apologies for the blurred photo, silly me forgot Macro settings, and lighting is poop!)

So, do you enjoy seeing charity shop finds? Would it be something you would like me to do on a regular basis?
Have you found any bargains recently?


p.s. not from a charity shop, but this week I also picked up my new glasses. They're from the Gok Wan range and are a little more garish and in your face than my previous glasses. I tend to wear my contact lenses most of the time but I've been waiting over a week for my lenses to come instore to no avail. Anyway, what do we think? Yay, or nay? I'm still a little unsure, as I'm worried maybe they're a little too "fashion-forward" for me. Also I'm convinced they keep hanging bent on my face (the bug bear of having plastic frames = little adjustment!)

Friday, 16 November 2012

New additions to the Batiste Family

Hey everyone, 
long time no blog. The hefty load of work I have for uni really has been taking it's toll on my blogging!
I really want to try my hardest to post at least once a week, I miss blogging and would love to do it more regularly but once I've got my work done for the day I'm ready for bed!


 If you've been reading my blog for a while you will already know what a huge fan I am of Batiste Dry Shampoo. I've tried a few other brands from the same budget price bracket, including Boots and Superdrug's own brand, but none of them cut the mustard for me.
My hair has a great fondness of becoming greasy within 24 hours, heck I can't even wash it before bed without waking up and it feeling oily, however as it is now only cm's away from the top of my *ahem* derrière, daily washing and drying is just too much of a hassle, especially when I could use that extra 30/45 minutes on something else more important. Dry shampoo helps solve this problem for me, a good spritz between washes helps me only have to wash my hair every other day, sometimes I'm even cheeky enough to grab 2 days between washes!

As such a regular user of Bastiste Dry Shampoo, I always have a huge stock pile so I never run out! Superdrug often have half price offers so I'll always grab 3/4 (often the larger sized ones) to stock up. When I buy my shampoo I always like to grab a few different varieties, so I can mix things up a little (I'm a perfume addict, so why shouldn't my dry shampoo collection be the same) therefore I'm always excited when Batiste bring out a new variety.

This year has seen the introduction of many different fragrances including Cherry and Lace, however Batiste have been kind enough to add not one, but two new fragrances to their ever-expanding family!

Introducing Paisley and Graffiti....

The packaging of both of these is amazing! I especially love the detail of the paisley design....long gone are those green cap days!

Batiste have also had yet another great win in the scent department with both of these fragrances... both are very subtle fruity/floral almost creamy scents (which I'm guessing comes from the mid-notes of jasmine and base notes of musk found in both varieties) I found the scent of graffiti being ever so more pronounced than that of paisley, but both are equally as fab as one another. If you love the scent of Batiste Brit then you'll be a fan of these as each reminds me of it. 

For me this is another great product from batiste, it rids me of grease and provides a subtle fragrance, perfect for those who hate that "dry-shampoo smell". For those of you who prefer a much stronger fragrance in your dry shampoo however I would suggest the original scent - an almost fizzy sweet smell (which I adore), or the amazing Wild (exclusive to Boots) which has a fragrance that tickles your nose all day.

The one downside to these varieties that some of you may find is that they are exclusives; Paisley is only available in Superdrug, and Graffiti in Boots. However for me this is not a problem as I have access to both stores.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


note - This post contains a pr sample, however all views are honest and my own

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Caught in Ablaze

No, your eyes do not deceive you, it is me, back in the blogging world after (over) a month long break!
I started back at uni 4 weeks ago and after a year away from lectures whilst on my placement, I decided I'd take a backstep from all things blogging to give myself time to readjust! I'm already feeling the full weight of how much work is going to be involved this year as it's my final year, but I'm determined to give it my all!

This outfit was from last Sunday, we popped off to the local pub for a few drinks, so I decided to finally take my Asos Ablaze Scribble wedges (that I bought with my birthday money back in August) on a spin. Infact this weekend was full of new shoe outings as on Saturday I met up with two school friends, one of which I hadn't seen for 6 1/2 years! and so I decided to wear my "JC Lita-esque" studded heels, sadly I didn't get chance to take a picture of my outfit as we were so busy chatting!

Dress - H&M

Necklace - eBay

Asos Ablaze

Apologies for the less than amazing photo - it turns out my other half isn't the best photographer (despite using a point and shoot) so I'll be sticking to the tripod in future! :p He tried bless him.

I'd just like to end this post by saying a big thankyou to all my followers for sticking by me even through this ridiculously long hiatus! I really do appreciate you all taking an interest in my little blog and I shall try my best to update as regularly as often but obviously uni and life sometimes get in the way of these things.

Hope you are all doing well!


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Polka Dots for a Pound

Hey Guys,
firstly I just want to say a big thankyou for all your kind words about the passing of my cat. It's still rather upsetting to think she's no longer here, but we plan on having a plaque made to display in the garden in her memory.

This outfit I wore yesterday, I'd planned on popping out but then decided against it due to the constant raining. This dress was one of those I bought from the carboot for a measly £1. It's a little on the large side but a belt helped to cinch it in and I think it looks ok?
(The belt was a freebie from my goodie bag at The Editeur)

Dress - Primark via Boot Sale

Earrings - Superdrug / Ring - Store 21 / Watch - CheChe / Bracelet - Thomas Sabo / Belt - Patrizia Pepe 
Shoes - Next via Charity Shop
Well I hope your all having a nice weekend so far. I'm back to uni tomorrow which I'm quite looking forward to as it will mean I actually have something to get up for in the mornings again! (Please remind me of this when I am stressing out in a few weeks time!)


Friday, 14 September 2012

Bargain Denim & A Sad Farewell

This jacket was a complete utter bargain, I bought it from a carboot sale for £1!! Can you believe that, only 100 shiny pennies! There is no sign of wear; this jacket must have been worn only a handful of times if at all! When I hand-washed it when I got home from buying it (as I do with any second hand clothing) there was a release of dye suggesting that it was infact like new!
I only discovered last weekend there is a weekly carboot a 20/30 minute bus drive away from me, aswell as picking up this jacket I also snagged 2 dresses, a glittery black clutch and a vintage porcelain butterfly print bangle - all for £1 each!

The dress was a bargain sale buy from a few months ago. It's from Love Label and I got it in the sale for £21 however it's original price was around 50-60 and the day after I ordered it the price when up to £40.
I love the beading/embroidery detail and it has a slightly scooped back, however I just wish the waistband was a little lower down as it would make the dress more flattering.

I also wore my new chelsea boots from Matalan, they were on offer for reward card holders making them £10 instead of £16, and as I had a £10 gift voucher from a while back they were completely free.
One thing I would say about these shoes is they are slightly narrow so may not be the best for those with wide feet. I found them to pinch my toes a little but it eased up throughout the day as I "broke" them in.

I decided to wear my cat heart necklace my Mum bought me for Christmas 5 years ago. Sadly on Tuesday I had to unfortunately say goodbye to my 16 year old cat. I was only 6 when we got her so she's been around pretty much as long as I could remember. It was very heartbreaking having to have her but to sleep, however it was the kindest thing to do as she suddenly took ill after a blood clot caused her to be paralysed from the waist down leaving her in an awful lot of pain.
We rushed her to the vets immediately so gladly her suffering was short. She was a very loved cat and will be missed by the whole family and the rest of my cats. It's still very upsetting to think that she is gone and will take a lot to get used to her not being around.

RIP Cassie Cat
Sorry to end on a sad note, I'm sure those of you will pets will understand how heartbreaking it is to lose an animal, especially when they've been such a big part of your family for a long time.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

ChloBo Ice Pop

As I mentioned in my post about my evening at The Editeur event, I was lucky enough to receive a bracelet from ChloBo inside my goodie bag.

I have to admit, before the event ChloBo was a company I hadn't heard of, however I now know they have quite a following of celebrity fans including Cheryl Cole, Elle MacPherson and Fearne Cotton to name a few!

ChloBo jewellery was founded and designed by Chloe Moss after her travels to Indonesia. 
Chloe says "The collections are a reflection from my travels, but also insight into my
life. My jewellery is personal and each piece can be worn in so many ways to reflect that individual and the occasion." "Jewellery to me is more than an accessory; it’s a form of personal expression to
experiment with."

Express you certainly can with the many offerings from ChloBo, of which you can find online or stock in almost 100 stores nationwide (see online store locator).
If money were no option I'd definitely have my arms piled high with a wide selection of the different collections, however each of the bracelet would look equally as fab, worn daintily alone I have being with the IcePop Peace bracelet I receieved.

It came in a lovely organza bag with ChloBo printed on the little pull ties.

All the Ice Pop Peace bracelets retail at £40 and feature faceted white beads, with a contrasting coloured peace sign, mine being orange. There are 6 other colours available, or you could opt for the Ice Pop Skull bracelet which instead features a coloured skull.
All the ChloBo jewellery is hand-made using semi-precious beads and 925 sterling silver - I love the little etched "ChloBo" tag that features on the IcePop bracelets.

The bracelet itself has great stretch, meaning it should be suitable for all to fit over their hands. The inner-elastic feels of good quality - preventing the dreaded snapping and beads spilling everywhere! And also, fear not, ChloBo jewellery comes with a 12 months warranty - providing of course the fault isn't a result of accidental damage!

Along with my warranty card was a card informing me about Club ChloBo, of which if you join you receive a £20 voucher on your birthday! The Editeur event was a matter of days before my birthday so I signed up straight away and sure enough come my birthday a £20 off a £50 spend voucher code landed in my inbox, so I shall hope to be putting that to good use soon!  

Have you heard of ChloBo before?


Friday, 7 September 2012

Dipped hem and flowers

This is a dress I bought with my birthday money, I've worn it once before when I went out with some friends but didn't take any pictures. However I've styled it a little differently today and wore it with my new Peacocks boots again.

Tights - Primark

I bought this dress when it was on a WOW offer so paid only £14. It's now back to it's full price which is still a steal at £22.99 instore or online.

Jewellery - Diva at Miss Selfridge
The dress is a chiffon material with no underlay to the top half, however due to the double folding of the material across the booby area, there's no flashing of cleavage.
Another great thing is a shirt dress I can actually button to the top without the whole gaping issue, granted I did opt for a size up, however, due to the elasticated waist it didn't compromise on the fit elsewhere.

The jewellery was a gift from a lovely twitter friend of mine whom I met of mine (@lottie2310m) who I met through blogging. She sent me these along with some other goodies so thankyou Lottie!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

DIY Coloured Bobby Pins - A Simple Tutorial

A few days ago I read Fashion Rocks My Socks blogpost on the upcoming "Bobby-Pin Trend" and decided I wanted to get myself a piece of the action!

Rather than fork out a couple of quid for a few pins, I decided to take matters into my own hands and DIY it with some plain old black bobby-pins and some nail varnish!

What I did is pretty self-explanatory I guess, but I thought I'd do a quick blog post to share with you!

My Bobby-pins were cheap as chips from the 99p store.

I first fastened the clips around a few pieces of paper (or you could use card) to secure them for painting. 
Then I placed the paper on a scrap surface (I used an old chopping board I use for DIY)

Next I took my polish of choice and applied one thin coat along the length of the pin, and slightly around the curved end.
(Several thin coats works better than one thick as it minimises spillage onto the card/paper preventing them from sticking together)

 I decided to use MUA All Nude, and Gosh Holographic Hero - as you can see it depends on the polish you use as to how much coverage you will get.

Simply keep building up with thin coats until you reach full opaqueness.

Leave to dry, then gently remove from the card/paper. As you can see the underside tip will be black (or whatever colour your pins originally were)

You can choose to leave your tips or you can simply add a tiny pop of polish on the end like I did.

Leave overnight to ensure they are completely dry then pop them in your hair!
MUA - All Nude

The possibilities are endless! I'll certainly be DIYing some more. I see some bright colours coming my way! You could always experiment and go for a striped design!
Do let me know if you enjoyed this tutorial and if you decide to give it a try!

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