Thursday, 26 January 2012

Shoe Junkie - Sarenza Ambassador Entry

Yes, I think it's safe to say that I am a self-confessed Shoe Junkie. With over 100 pairs the facts don't exactly lie in my favour to suggest otherwise (unless I was a centipede, in which case it would be deemed rather acceptable). However it still doesn't stop me from forever longing to expand my shoe collection. The most recent additions to my collection were these two beauties.....

yes that's right. The same shoe in 2 colours! I loved the shoes, I loved both colours, I couldn't bring myself to decide between them so I thought "What-the-heck, I'll go for both!" I cunningly shopped around finding myself some bargains on the outlet stores on eBay making the cost of both pairs including postage £31.50; only £1.50 over the price I would have paid for just the black pair from the Mel site. Bargain!

For those of you that don't know, these shoes are from Mel the "sister-brand" of Melissa who have the oh-so lusted shoes resulting from a collaboration with Vivienne Westwood - The Lady Dragon Heart Shoes!


Admittedly the purchase of the Mel Wedges were a mere substitution for a pair. But after browsing the Sarenza site and seeing these gorgeous beauties- the perfect nude pink with a METALLIC red heart edged in gleaming gold, I am in serious shoe heaven!! I would die for a pair of these shoes (obviously not literally as then I wouldn't get the pleasure of wearing them) Better still they come in a 6.5 meaning no more of the worrying "Will a 6 be too small" or "Will a 7 be too big"
Also not only would I look super stylish, sporting these with many a pretty dress come summer time, but I can also say I'm doing my bit for the environment as all Melissa shoes are made entirely from recycled plastic!

I can safely say, if I were to become a Sarenza Ambassador I would be in SHOE HEAVEN! Getting to shop for shoes monthly and then getting to blog about the beauties definitely sounds like a dream to me!

For those of you interested in entering to become a Sarenza Embassador yourself, you can find the details how here

And for the rest of you, wish me lots of luck! :) 

aka - shoe addict. 


  1. I love the dragon shoes, was going to get a pair for my wedding but fell in love with a different pair.

    Good luck xx


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