Friday, 30 March 2012

Front Cover Cosmetics

I recently won a giveaway over at Nora Daisy
The lovely prize was a Front Cover palette, complete with 4 Pop-in eyeshadows and an eyeshadow base primer. I've never tried a baked eyeshadow before so I was especially excited when I won the giveaway.

I'd never heard of Front Cover Cosmetics before but after a look on their website I discovered they are infact available at boots and the site has a list of all Boots stocking the range - link. I had a look on the site, there's a small selection available and they're also on offer too.

Now I was rather eager to try these out but didn't take any pictures of the products in their packaging, if you wanted to see then pictures can be found on Lisa's blog.

The Palette
The shadows were really easy to pop into the palette but click in nicely so there's no fear of them "unexpectingly" falling out. I did have a little mishap with catching one of the shadows whilst popping them in so do be careful.

The colours I received couldn't have been better, all being colours I would have happily chosen myself; Baked Bronze, Sunray, Miss Grey, and Twinkling Grape.

The design of the palette allows for the name printed on the back of each pop in shadow to be displayed, allowing them to be easily identified.

The pigmentation of all the shadows was very reasonable although the gold colour sunray has to be my favourite. Baked Bronze appears to be rather matte brown but does have a slight amount of shimmer to it. Sunray is a gorgeous, almost metallic gold, whilst Miss Grey is a typical silver shadow. Twinkling Grape, is actually a purple shadow containing a purple glitter, it doesn't feel scratchy to swatch however I'm yet to try it on the eye. All the shadows have a lovely texture however I found Sunray to be the creamiest feeling of the 4.
The brush included in the palette would be good for "on-the-go" application, especially as there is a nice big mirror inside the pallete, however  I didn't find it to be dense enough for everyday application.

All in all I was very happy with this palette and would buy more shadows myself.

The Shadow Base Primer
I was a little shocked when opening the primer to find it was infact a stick and not a liquid like other primers I currently use. The packaging looks very presentable with a silver casing, although I didn't find it to feel as sturdy as the palette.

Before I used this on my hand I gave it a little swatch on the back of my hand and found it to be a little "stiff", I tried to gently warm the product by rubbing on the back of my hand to make it easier to apply to the lid and cause less dragging of the skin. This did help but I still found the product a little difficult to use however this may be simply because I'm not used to a product like this.

The product does work well as a primer once applied to the lid, I wore this with a light sweeping of the silver across and found no creasing occured. The packaging states this can also be used alone as a highlighter which I would definitely recommend as it leaves a lovely sheen to the skin once blended.


I would just like to say another thankyou to Lisa for this lovely prize!



  1. Oooo those colours are right up my street!

  2. Such a nice thing to win you are lucky I never win anything x

  3. Yay for winning. The eyeshadow palette looks great. Love the colours.


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