Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Pink (and Purple) lady?

Hello lovelies, hope you all had a fabulous weekend.
I went for a swim saturday morning then for a walk with my Mum, then came home got changed and went to visit the other half wearing this outfit. We had a nice night in of pizza and cocktails then had a lovely Sunday relaxing with films and cake and ice cream!

Dress & Tights - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - British Heart Foundation 
 Just a close up to show you my lovely purple shoes that were only £4.99 BRAND NEW from the BHF.

I wore this outfit with my newly appointed favourite coat which I too acquired from the BHF for £15! It was practically new and fit like a dream! I've been dying to get my hands on a fur coat for a while and had tried several on instore but to no avail of finding one I liked. I then stumbled upon this beauty in the shop window, tried it on and fell in love. It's a lovely swinging A-line with bracelet length sleeves and a large collar.

Have you found and charity shop gems recently?
I think these two purchases will definitely see me checking out charity shops more regularly!



  1. great finds! That coat is brilliant :)

  2. Omg your hair is so so so shinyyy and long! whats your secret haha xx

    1. Haha thankyou. I seriously don't know. I do nothing special with it x

  3. LOve the outfit and those shoes are divine xx

  4. I love the colour of your hair:D

  5. Such a pretty dress, the shoes are a gorgeous colour too! xx

  6. loveee all your use of colours!!! neons are totally my thing!

  7. Aww thankyou for all your lovely comments! :)


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