Friday, 6 April 2012

In Love With My Iron Fist

Hi guys, I just had to show you my gorgeous new shoes! I love anything with skulls on and when I saw these babies it was love!

I seriously am in love with these shoes. The detailing of the skull print & hand embellishment along with the diamant√© skull to the toe. These are the first pair of Iron Fist shoes I've owned, I haven't even worn them yet and already have a second pair winging their way to me (again a present from the other half - being spoilt atm)

One thing I would say with Iron Fist is a lot of people comment on their sizes run small so do be careful. I tend to wear a 6-7, mainly a 6 but found a 7 to be a perfect fit for me.

From trying them on in the house these shoes seem pretty comfy despite the huge heel, I just hope I'm saying the same thing when I've worn them a few hours!

Have you any Iron Fist shoes? Are these a brand of shoe you would like or is the alternative style not to your taste?



  1. they look really rather special. lucky you being treated!

  2. Wow they're amazing! You lucky girl!

  3. Thankyou girls! I wore them last night and managed to dance around a Greek restaurant without breaking my neck in them so success! Xx


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