Friday, 6 April 2012

Internacionale - A new store and my new shoes!

Internacionale is a store I'm lucky enough to have right on my doorstep with my closest store being a 5 minute walk away.
And now Sheffield is the latest place to be lucky enough to have a store come to their town.

The MeadowHall store was opened last week by Jessica-Jane Clements, star of the Real Hustle.
She wore a gorgeous Internacionale Monochrome body-con dress, which I now have my eye on, although it would never look nearly as good on myself! And a pair of gorgeous monochrome bow shoes to match, I've seen these instore myself and they are truly beautiful, also available in another colour which I can't remember.

I am jealous of how large this store appears, just look at that wall of shoes! My small store does not compare!

Internacionale also has a great range for children too; Sophie, the brand once found in MKOne stores back in the day. They offer the same great prices, and upto date trends but for children aged 8-15yrs. I've bought a few things for my neices from Sophie and I'm even guilty of snagging a t-shirt in aged 15yrs to squeeze into myself as I liked the design.

If you've never been to an Internacionale store and are lucky enough to have one nearby I'd certainly recommend popping in. Their prices are ridiculously affordable, there's often promotions available on their Facebook page for discounts and right now if your a student you get 20% off! If that wasn't good enough, you'll also often find items identical to those found in topshop and others for a fraction of the price; a common example being the scalloped edged vest costing 20+ in topshop and less than a tenner in Internationale, yet still with great quality.

I recently picked up a pair of lovely leopard slipper shoes. Full price these were a bargainous £16.99 however I got them for £12 in the sale! When I bought these I was stumped between these or a pair of leopard Chelsea boots for £17.99, however I may have to pop back for those in the future.

Have you ever been to internacionale? Or are you lucky enough to live near MeadowHall and will be visiting the new store if you haven't already?



  1. Bristol has a small store, I love it for it's bargain prices and gorgeous pieces.

  2. I have been in the Brisol one but I am never very impressed by it. That store looks fab x

  3. It really is an impressive store for low price pieces. I am super jealous of this huge store! Xx


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