Saturday, 9 June 2012

Dotty for spots

Hey lovelies, last night I went to a little gathering to say goodbye to a friend of mine who is heading back home to Germany after spending the year studying here.

As the weather was horrendous I decided to put my hair in a high bun, I don't like to wear my hair up but I was quite liking this style last night.

As I'm still without a camera the pictures aren't the best as they're taken on my phone.

I really love the shoes, they were a bargain £6 from primark and I get so many compliments on them. My phone doesn't capture how amazing they are, they're black with a red glaze (look amazing in sunshine) and my brother said they remind him of toffee apples.
My dress is from a Dorothy Perkins concession, the earrings were a gift from Lottie (@lottie2310m) and the ring was a bargainous 75p from Store 21.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! I hope the pics aren't too bad, I'm really missing my camera so many things I keep wanting to blog and can't :(



  1. the dress looks lovely!! :) & so does your hair! xx

  2. Those shoes look looovely.

  3. Thankyou girls :) Your too kind xx

  4. looking lovely, dress really suits you xx

  5. The dress is lovely on you and I love the comment your brother said about toffee apples I know what he means they have that sort of texture and look x

  6. Lovely outfit and toffee apple shoes :D xXx

  7. Hehe, thankyou girls! They are one of my favourite pairs of shoes I have to admit :D xx


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