Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic Nails

I created these nails a few weeks ago for a competition held by Collection Cosmetics over on their Facebook page. Sadly I didn't make it to their final 5 but I thought I'd share them with you.

I know they're not the greatest but it's only one of a handful of nail arts I've ever created and my tools consisted of a bobby pin and the nib of a pencil (glam I know) so I was quite pleased with my attempt as poor as it may be.

Have you created any looks inspired by the Olympics?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Do the shimmy shake!! - Dirty Works Bling it on Shimmer Lotion

I was recently sent a bottle of Dirty Works Bling it on Shimmer Lotion to try.
Dirty works describe it as "an illuminating lotion for shimmery sparkly skin" and that's certainly what it is!

Firstly I have to comment on how much I love the packaging with its holographic shimmer, reflecting upon the product found inside. I'm also loving the curvy 50's pin up girl!

The product itself is dispensed as a gold liquid packed full of glitter. After showering, you simply pop it on anywhere you want to show off a natural radiant glow.

A little goes a long way and gives a lovely glimmering sheen to the skin that isn’t too OTT, a more grown up approach to the glitter we may have adorned ourselves with as children. A small blob is enough to cover one arm, so at £4.99 for 200ml it’s also quite the bargain as it will last you a fair while!

One aspect I was impressed with is that this product was a gold toned shimmer, often with shimmering lotions I find they’re silvery, however I feel the gold helps give that “off-the-beach glow” and works wonders with a tan!

I wore this on Saturday night for my sisters hen do, as did my Mum and sister and we were all impressed. It’s non-sticky, doesn’t transfer onto clothes and provides a lovely subtle smell, without masking any dominant fragrances like the perfume your wearing. Definitely the perfect companion for my lovely Xen-Tan (such a tan convert now!) 

All in all I was definitely impressed and would love to try more from the Dirty Works range (I've spotted they've now released beauty accessories!)  
Dirty Works is available instore or online from Sainsbury's


Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bit Of A Bargain!

Yes, this dress cost a mere £1.04 off eBay, plus £2.50 p&p!
I won the auction 3pm Wednesday, and it arrived the Thursday morning! Now that is service, I popped the dress in the wash and it was ready to wear on Friday!

I was just about to head of swimming and thought I'd take a quick snap of my outfit, it's first time using my new (again, thanks to a mishap with getting mine repaired) camera on the tripod, so please excuse the fact that some of the image seems a little out of focus, I'm going to have to play around to see the best way to use it.
Dress - Primark via eBay
Leggings - H&M
Boots - Rocket Dog
I'm still loving my Xen-Tan, this is 10 days post spray, I've used Transform 3/4 times since getting the spray, but I have also been swimming in that time before too.
Swimming does strip away some of the colour but it actually holds up pretty well. I was tempted to do another application of Transform last night, ready for going out tonight for my sisters hen do, but decided I was happy enough with how my colour had faded after the swim, as it hadn't stripped too much of the colour away. 

Have you found any bargains on eBay recently?


p.s. a quick question for fellow glasses/contact lens wearers? What do you do when swimming, do you go blind like myself? I've seen online sites that offer prescription goggles, have any of you tried these?

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Popping my cherry - Xen Tan Event

Yes, up until last week I was a tanning virgin then Xen-tan came along with their fabulous event at the Malmaison Hotel, Manchester, for us northern-bloggers and put a well needed end to all that.

Never in my life have I had a tan- real or fake. The slightest bit of sun shines and my skin knows about it, however instead of turning a lovely shade of brown instead I'm a not so lovely shade of lobster!

I've always been intrigued about seeing myself in a tan but was scared after seeing many an orange girl with tide marked wrist/ankles on the streets of Manchester, to try do anything about it myself.

When I was offered the chance to pop down to Xen-Tan's event I jumped at the chance. Learning how to tan from the experts was just what I needed. We were also offered the chance to book in for a complementary spray tan. I was a little apprehensive but decided to go ahead and bite the bullet.

Upon arrival at the event we were greeted with canap├ęs and drinks, then delivered a presentation with some background into Xen-tan and what they have to offer. I learnt that xen-tan was developed by a lady who wanted a tan that worked for us paler ladies too! And each different tan in the range smells of a different type of food!

After the presentation we were led downstairs to have our spray tans, now I must admit I was petrified at the thought! The night before I'd done all my hair removal business and exfoliated ready for my tan. We were  left to relax on the massage chairs before being given robes to change into. 

The lady who gave me my tan was lovely, and I felt silly afterwards for feeling nervous about the whole thing.
The whole process took about 10 minutes, barrier cream was applied to areas prone to dry skin such as knees, elbows, and ankless. I was given 2 light coats of tan and I was done.

We were then offered a complementary manicure, before being given a tan-consulation so we could be provided with the perfect product for us in our goody bags.

The colour of my tan was gorgeous, such a natural colouring and I received many complements on how brown and healthy I looked.
I've been keeping my tan topped up with the Transform Gradual tanner I was gifted in my goody bag - perfect for tanning newbies like me, and smells of citrus-melon!

Major thanks to Xen-Tan and Wizard PR for such a fabulous first event! I had a fabulous time and met some lovely bloggers aswell as having the opportunity to relax and be pampered with fellow blogging buddies.
I'd also like to thank Emma Pilkington - photographer for the night for these images!
Also it was great for an event to be based in the North-West, all spurred on by the #NorthernBloggersUnite hash tag founded by Rebecca and Lauren 

Also, Xen-Tan are offering all readers of ScienceGeekChic a fabulous discount on their website available for one purchase up until 31st August, simply enter 

Denman Be-Bop Massage Brush

A short while ago I was sent one of the Denman Be-Bop Massage Brushes to try. The brush has soft pins that are said to massage the scalp and help stimulate blood flow to help strengthen roots encouraging healthy growth.

Denman say the brush is ideal for gentle, but energising scalp massage during shampooing as well as being the perfect tool for distributing products such as shampoo, conditioner, gel and wax through the hair.

I've used this several times now to get a good feel of how it works for me. 
As my hair is rather long I felt a "massage" during shampooing wasn't the best thing for me as my hair often feels a little knotty after a shampooing. However this has been a miracle for distributing conditioner through my hair and makes brushing my hair with my tangle tamer after a shampoo and condition a breeze!
I've found the best way to use this brush is to brush through my hair as I have the water running over my hair, as it glides through and leave my hair feeling so soft.

I  initially tried to use the brush in the way it has been "ergonomically designed" to slide your fingers through the back holding the brush in the palm of your hand.
However, when holding it like this, I found when using conditioner it made the brush a little slippy, so I instead held the brush palm facing outwards with my fingers curled around the brush, giving a much better grip.

So, this brush in my opinion is a much needed item, especially for those with longer hair like myself, especially if you struggle to brush your hair after a washing.

The best part is, its a bargain £4 and is available from Boots, Superdrug, John Lewis or from the Denman Website

Are you a fan of using a brush when conditioning your hair?


Sunday, 8 July 2012

MUA (Make Up Academy) Every Lash - Volume and Lengthening Mascara

When I heard that MUA were bringing out their new Every Lash mascara I was simply overjoyed. My all-time favourite mascara Supershock by Avon was nearing the end of its life and with my sister no longer being an AVON lady, I was on the hunt for a mascara that lived up to its high standards whilst having a low price tag - step in MUA.

One of the things I loved about my super shock mascara was the plastic brush, it was the plastic brush of the MUA EveryLash that immediately made me want to try it. And also the fad that it smells of apples!

EveryLash was released earlier on this week along with a few other items including new Gel eyeliners. I hotfooted it down to my local Superdrug on the day of release but was disappointed to find my store didn't stock it. However I decided to give it another shot today, and sure enough there it was on the stand, so I snapped it up along with one of the gel eyeliners.

As soon as I got home I tried the mascara, hoping and praying it would live up to Supershock....

I am in love with the scent of this mascara! It reminds me of apple Hubba Bubba chewing gum that I would chomp on as a child. You can definitely smell the mascara when your applying it, making it a rather pleasurable experience for your nose.

The wand is everything I wanted, I’ve shown a comparison between this and the SuperShock wand as I much prefer MUA’s offering. The wand is slightly narrower making an easier application, and also is slightly tapered meaning it’s easier to apply mascara to the inner corner lashes.

The mascara didn’t clump my lashes, help separate them and definitely made them feel longer and fuller.
A definite win from me, and an item I will definitely be repurchasing time and time again!
At only £3 for 7ml of product, I’d recommend trying this mascara, it may too become your holy-grail of mascara!

Have you picked up any of the new MUA items?


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Barry M 340 Aqua Glitter

For those of you who don't know Barry M have recently brought out a new collection of glitter nail paints and so I decided to pick up one in shade "340 - Aqua Glitter"
Aqua glitter consists of fine and a chunky hexagonal glitter particles. The chunkier glitter is slightly darker than the finer glitter giving dimension to the glitter when on the nails.

As with most glitter polishes, several coats are required to build up a full coverage. I first did 3 but decided on an extra 4th to ensure there were no patches at all. With a base coat of a blue/turquoise/aqua, only 2 coats would be required.

As with many glitter polishes, the pictures don't do it justice as it's just so hard to capture its true beauty.
These glitters retail at £2.99.

Have you picked up any of the new glitters? Do link me to yours posts if you have any swatches! I'm trying to be good but I may be swayed!


Monday, 2 July 2012

The Daily Fashion

I recently signed up to the Oasap Fashion Hunters programme.
For those of you who don't know what this is, you can sign up here and in exchange for blogging about the products you buy, be granted credit to spend on the site.

When I signed up I was gifted with $20 credit, and when I saw this newpaper print bag I fell in love!

The bag cost $24 and came with free delivery as do all Oasap orders.
The bag was despatched within 3 days of ordering and took only around 3 days to arrive to me.

My order arrived Royal Mail Tracked delivery so there's no worry of orders getting lost in the post!

The bag was a little larger than I expected but is fab! I start my final year in September after  finishing my placement year so this will be a great bag for carrying my books around!

Have you tried Oasap? There's some great fashion bargains to be have! I've already spied a few bags I like such as 


Have you had a browse of Oasap? Or have you bought anything?

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