Thursday, 5 July 2012

Barry M 340 Aqua Glitter

For those of you who don't know Barry M have recently brought out a new collection of glitter nail paints and so I decided to pick up one in shade "340 - Aqua Glitter"
Aqua glitter consists of fine and a chunky hexagonal glitter particles. The chunkier glitter is slightly darker than the finer glitter giving dimension to the glitter when on the nails.

As with most glitter polishes, several coats are required to build up a full coverage. I first did 3 but decided on an extra 4th to ensure there were no patches at all. With a base coat of a blue/turquoise/aqua, only 2 coats would be required.

As with many glitter polishes, the pictures don't do it justice as it's just so hard to capture its true beauty.
These glitters retail at £2.99.

Have you picked up any of the new glitters? Do link me to yours posts if you have any swatches! I'm trying to be good but I may be swayed!



  1. that's such a striking colour x

  2. Oh it is pretty though even though pics never capture it :) I love this type of green!

  3. This is gorgeous! Perfect for Summer too :) I haven't bought Barry M polishes for so long, will have to take a look at their glitter range xx

  4. Gorgeous colour looks stunning x

  5. absolutely love this colour!! xx

  6. such a gorgeous colour and so sparkly too! x

  7. This looks like a great polish :) decided to order one through eBay and can't wait to try it. However I don't have a turquoise polish to use as an undercoat and will see how it looks with a black undercoat instead.
    Might put up a post if it looks good :)
    Followed your blog. Love the post on the DIY bobby pins. Never thought of that! Please follow me on

    1. Ooh it would be interesting to see it on top of black. I do love coloured glitter over dark colours.

      Thanks for following, will be sure to check your blog out! Xx


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