Monday, 27 August 2012

A Birthday Money Haul

Hello lovelies.
Hope your all having a fantastic bank holiday weekend. It was my birthday on Saturday and I got some money so I thought I'd show you a few of the bits and pieces I've bought so far.

All items were from the Sale plus you could get an extra 10% (with code Extra10) making them an even bigger bargain!

Was £55 Now £16 £14.40

Was £60 Now £16 £14.40

Was £45 Now £22.50 £20.25
I really hope this dress isn't too short when it arrives, I've been wanting a cream dress for a while and loved the studded collar detail. The dress is by Little Mistress, the same make as my birthday dress, which looked longer when it arrived than it did on the model so fingers crossed this is the same!

(silly me forgot to take any pictures on my birthday despite carrying a camera so no birthday outfit post!)

3 Pack Earrings 

Skull Bracelet 
Both were £2.99 each however it was buy one get one half price on all jewellery so it was £4.50 for the two!

Was £22.99 Now £14
This dress wasn't in the sale but was on what is called a "Wow" offer, meaning it may go back up to full price. I thought this dress would be a great versatile piece as the darker print means I can wear it right through the Autumn and Winter months too with tights and a chunky knit cardi.

Local Shoe Stall

These shoes were only £10, they also had them in beige and electric blue so I may purchase another pair in a few weeks.


This cute necklace was reduced along with a selection of new necklaces for sale. It should have been £3.49 but was only 99p.

So there are my new buys. I can't wait to get my Asos order, I hope everything looks as fab when it arrives!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



  1. LOVE both pairs of shoes so much!

    1. They arrived today. Just as amazing in real life! :) xx

  2. I absolutely love that flowery dress! :)

    F x

    1. Amazing bargain! Go treat yourself? :p xx

  3. Hope you had a great birthday.

    I love those shoes they are amazing te strawberry ones I mean and I love cream lace dresses too x

    1. I did thankyou!

      Aww they're so pretty! Just need the rain to clear so I can wear them. The lace dress is the perfect length too so yay! Xx

  4. Love the floral print dress, will look great in winter as well!

    Those boots are amazing as well. Can't believe how cheap they are! xx

    1. Exactly my thinking!
      I know, I fell in love with them before they even came out but didn't have £60 spare so was mega chuffed to snag them in the sale!! Xx

  5. That floral dress is fab for winter - I love that studded collar on the other dress too!

    1. Yes, will be fab with a cosy cardi or leather jacket thick tights and boots :) xx

  6. the strawberry shoes are amazing!!great choice:)

    1. They're even more amazing in real life! Just need the weather to stay nice so I can wear them! I don't want to have to wait till next summer but need the rain to stay away so I don't ruin them! :p xx


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