Sunday, 12 August 2012

Floral Fancy

Hello lovelies,
I've had a bit of a break from blogging, one because I've been a little busy and two because I've been enjoying having a break after finishing my year placement. My project report has been written for a few weeks it's just a case of a final proof read before printing and submitting.

The past two weeks have been fun ones, involving relaxing, days out and last weekend seen my sister getting married. I was chief bridesmaid and was so emotional walking down the isle seeing my big sis get hitched. The day was wonderful; so happy and full of fun, it couldn't have gone any better.

Anyway, this outfit is one I wore on Friday night for a gathering around my friends house to say goodbye as she is heading back to Germany.

The dress I love, and was a complete bargain. A local independently run store was closing down and had a huge sale so I snagged this for £12.50! It did come with a bright pink belt however it's a little too long so I swapped it for a primark one (a bargain £1).
My hair was a quick 30 minute job using my babyliss conical wand whilst watching a film (multi-tasking at its best).

Anyway, I hope you all are having a fabulous summer (with what few days of sun we've had) and hopefully I'll get to post more frequently now :)


p.s. sorry the images are a little blurred, don't understand what's happened. May be a problem with my brother's photography skills, or I need to play with my camera settings!


  1. Lovely outfit and your hair is so lush.
    Have you got any pics of you in your bridesmaids dress? I would love to see them x

  2. You look gorgeous m'dear!

  3. You look amazing! That dress is gorgeous, can't believe the price...such a bargain! xo

  4. that dress is so pretty and you hair is gorgeous! x

  5. This outfit is gorgeous! I am in love with that dress :-)

  6. Aww thanks girls. Can't beat a bargain I say! Xx

  7. HI Charlotte

    I could have got you one of those dresses if you wanted? Let me know I can easily post to you providing they still have them when I next go in x


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