Friday, 17 August 2012

Wednesday Addams

There's something about this dress that just screams "Wednesday Addams" don't you agree? I think it's the contrast of the wide white collar against the black of the dress.

Can you believe this dress was a bargain £5! I got it from a cheap store near to where I live; most of it's stock is cheap tatt but there's often a gem hidden away in there so I like to pop in every now and then.
It's a little shorter than I'd usually wear however thick black tights (these ones aren't the best, damn you Superdrug!) sort that right out!

I wore this yesterday I said goodbye to a very dear friend who was heading back home to Germany after a year studying in the UK. I waved her off at the airport and there were lots of tears, however I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again very soon!
As a leaving present I embellished a plain photoframe with heart shaped diamant├ęs so they spelt out "FRIENDS". I originally tried to find a friends frame however they were all landscape and my picture was portrait, however I felt the personalised touch added that extra something.
I tweeted a picture of the frame to ask opinions as I was worried incase my friend wouldn't like it, however she was so happy when I gave it her and couldn't stop hugging me and almost cried she loved it so much.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
I don't have anything special planned, I'm just looking forward to relaxing, fingers crossed the weather will be nice! 



  1. Ahh I did love the photo frame when you tweeted, glad your friend liked it too!

    I love the dress, peter pan collars are such a favourite of mine!

  2. I know it really was such a relief! So glad she liked it.
    Thankyou! I agree Peter pan collars are fab! X

  3. Cute dress I love collars esp Peter Pan collars they are so cute and stysh.

    Lovely photo frame too that as sweet of you x

    1. Not bad for a fiver eh. Aww thankyou :) xx

  4. Sorry my pc is playing up and missing out letter when I type...I meant to type Stylish! lol x


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