Monday, 24 June 2013

Small yet mighty: Denman Tangle Tamer

Let me introduce you to my hairs best friend... The Denman tangle tamer.

As you can see I've had this little baby for a fair while now (possibly around 18 months? Maybe longer) and I honestly don't know how I ever lived without it!

As many of you know my hair is rather long. I'm fortunate enough in that my hair is poker straight, however the sheer length of it means brushing whist wet can be a bit of a difficulty. However using this baby makes that task a lot less arduous. If for some reason I'm stuck without this god-send whilst my hair is wet, it's safe to say I get in a bit of a panic and detangling my wet mane can become a rather painstaking task (literally and metaphorically speaking).

Another thing I've also noticed is that my hair feels so much smoother after brushing with this, it simply glides through and doesn't drag at your hair.

The one thing I would say about this brush is that it isn't the best brush for styling as the formation of the bristles means it doesn't "dig deep" into the thickness of your hair (if that makes sense?).

I would however highly recommend this brush if your hair is prone to tangles or simple if you want to be a bit gentler on your hair whilst brushing when wet.

I'd also recommend this brush for anyone with children who aren't big fans of having their hair brushed. My nieces are those kind of girls but both love stealing my tangle tamer whenever they come round. If you check out the Denman website, you will actually see this brush is marketed as a child's brush, but it really is one for all the family!

I believe the blue shade I have may have been a limited edition colour, but the tangle tamer is available in pink at Denman (£6.20), John Lewis (£6.13), and Superdrug (£7.09).
Denman also have a black version (£6.20), and a super snazzy yellow bumble bee version! (£6.98).

Have you tried the Tangle Tamer? Is it something you feel you need in your life?

I'm thinking of investing in the new yellow design! Buzzzzzzzzzzz!

Charlotte xx


  1. Denman brushes are meant to be the best x

    1. I have three different types of denman brush and they are fab!
      This one, a normal brush, and the bebop massage brush. Would definitely recommend xx

  2. Replies
    1. They really are the best brushes! x


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