Monday, 22 July 2013

Daily Rituals - Neal & Wolf

A few weeks ago I was sent some products from Neal and Wolf to try; it wasn't a brand I had previously tried so I was looking forward to seeing what they had to offer. 
After a browse of their website and a chat with their pr lady, it was decided that the best products for my hair would be the ritual daily cleansing shampoo (£10.95) and the ritual daily conditioner (£11.95). 
My hair is prone to greasy-ness and I don't suffer with dryness therefore I need something that will give my hair a good cleanse without being over-moisturising as to avoid further enhancing my problem in combating oiliness. 

Both bottles are a downward facing flip-top lid; perfect for dispensing your product and getting all those last drops out when you come to the end of the bottle. 
I like the clean and simple packaging; purple with white writing. 
My one bug bear with the packaging, and this is merely a personal preference, is that I wish that the conditioner was a different colour to the shampoo...maybe a lilac? The only reason I say this is for it to be easier to distinguish the shampoo from the conditioner when in the shower as my eye-sight isn't the best when not wearing my glasses. 
The conditioner is smaller in size containing 200ml of product compared with 250ml of shampoo, however my eyesight can't always distinguish the difference in size from a distance. 

RITUAL is a shampoo designed to cleanse the hair, leaving it fresh, full of shine and ready for styling.
An infusion of silk and milk proteins combine to boost vital moisture and reduce flyaway hair. Liquid shea extract delivers brilliant shine. The result? Luxurious, easy-to-manage, radiant locks.
This product definitely fits the description of being a "cleansing shampoo"; it lathers extremely well and removes any build up from my hair. My hair also feels soft to the touch even before applying the condition, unlike with many other shampoos that can make your hair feel strange whilst wet prior to conditioner application.

RITUAL is a weightless conditioner that instantly detangles, leaving hair wonderfully smooth and ready for styling.
Silk protein complex delivers vital moisture while shea butter extract creates a brilliant shine. Added sunscreens provide protection from environmental damage. The result? Luxurious, easy-to-manage, radiant locks.
I genuinely love this conditioner; prior to using this product I never quite realised what all these other brands meant when they claimed to offer a "weightless conditioner", however now my eyes have been opened. 
The product feels light as air on my hair, it doesn't make my hair feel heavy whilst I'm letting it do it's job unlike many other conditioners do. 
Another amazing thing I found with this product is that it rinses away with ease. Due to the length of my hair being right down my back, I often find that other conditioners can leave a greasy residue on the skin of my back after I've rinsed the conditioner out of my hair. This is now a problem of the past when using this conditioner. 

Another amazing thing I found with these products is the smell! They have that amazing signature "I've just been to the salon" scent about them that smells so luxurious and is a real treat for your nose! I took these products away with me for the weekend and when I opened my bag I could smell the yummy scent despite neither bottle being open. 

I feel for a salon quality product the price of these products is very reasonable...they also become more of a bargain if you opt to buy the salon size (950ml) with the shampoo costing £19.95 and the conditioner £23.95.

Have you tried Neal and Wolf? Are you one for Salon quality haircare?


Friday, 19 July 2013

Officially a graduate!!!

So on Wednesday I officially graduated with a first class BSc honours in Biomedical Science with Professional experience. 
I was so nervous in the run up to the day, but I really had such a good time. 

It was a long day as I headed out the door at 11.30 for a pre-graduation reception at my university, where I won an award for the best performance on a placement. My award was the last award presented; I was shaking with nerves and felt like the stairs down to the stage carried on for a lifetime. However, the amazon vouchers I received made up for the never-ending walk, and I have ordered myself 2 pairs of Iron Fist shoes to add to my ever expanding collection! 

Another reason I was unbelievably nervous, was the prospect of wearing such a fitted dress as I am far from body confident! In the run up to the day I sometime began to regret buying this dress despite the trouble I went to getting it (daily checking of the Lipsy website for it to come back in stock in my size) however I felt a little better on the day and many people commented on what a pretty dress it was. 

Me with my award

My Grandma came with me to the awards ceremony, then afterwards we collected my Mum from work on the way to the graduation ceremony. 
I spent a good 45 mins queuing for my gown of which I sweltered in for a good few hours (weds was the hottest day of the year). I felt a sense of pride wearing my cap and gown, knowing all the hardwork, stress and tears I've put into my degree was worthwhile, as I became the first in my family to graduate. 
The nerves I had previously felt fluttered away as I walked across the stage to graduate, despite the several hundred pairs of eyes on me. My Mum and Grandma had to fight back the tears and that they couldn't have been prouder. 

Me my Mum and Grandma. 

My Mum and I

My Grandma and I

Martin and I

My friend and I

My official photo

After my ceremony had finished and we'd finished taking our snaps, we headed to Bella Italia where my Mum's other half, and Martins parents and brothers met us to carry on the celebrations. His Mum and Dad also bought us two bottles of champagne to celebrate. We then headed to a cocktail bar where we had a few cheeky drinks. 

It really was a fabulous day. Thankyou to all my family that came to celebrate with me, and a huge thankyou to my Mum and Martin for sticking by my side along the way. They have both been my rock these past 4 years. 

Have you graduated this week, or are you due to graduate? If so a huge congratulations and I would love to see your posts if you decide to blog about your day! 


Monday, 15 July 2013

Cancer...we're coming to get you! - Heaton Park Race For Life 2013

Cancer is a disease that unfortunate will affect many of us in some way; whether we're a sufferer ourselves or have to endure a loved one battling the disease. 

I myself lost my Grandad to spinal cancer over 10 years ago, and so Cancer Research UK is a charity close to my heart. Therefore when I heard Scottish Power (official sponsors of the Race For Life) were looking for bloggers to partake in the RFL at Heaton Park I jumped at the chance, especially when they offered a whopping £200 sponsorship!
They also sent us a high 5 glove, along with some bits and bobs so we could bling it up ready to partake in the high 5 challenge over on the Scottish Power High 5 Challenge Facebook Page

I decided to bling my glove up with my blog name, some cute stick on pearls and sewn on some bows!

Ready to leave
On the day of the race I headed to Heaton Park with my Mum, brother and Grandma in tow. It meant a lot to me, racing in honour of my Grandad knowing that my Grandma was there in support. 
I headed towards the Scottish Power tent (where there were several ongoing activities) to meet up with some other bloggers who were also doing the race. 
We all had a little natter, before heading to do our warm up before the race!

Ready to race
As you can see from my squinty-eyed expression, it was very sunny and very hot! The complete polar opposite from when I did the race in 2011 and it was pouring with rain!!!

Anybody can opt to do the Race For Life, regardless of fitness levels; it's not a competitive event, simply all us girls ganging together to show cancer who is boss and raise a heck of a lot of money. There are more than 230 events nationwide and you can walk, jog or run the event (5K or 10K).

At the start of the race participants are split into runners, joggers and walkers; I opted to join the running section as I aimed to run the majority of the race. 

I think many other race-for-lifers at Heaton Park would agree that the heat did make it a lot harder, especially as this particular course is rather hilly in regions. I found running in the heat did play havoc with my asthma, however I had my inhaler in tow along with a bottle of water.
I completed the race in 39 mins which I was pleased with, especially with how hot a day it was!

Wearing my medal with pride!
I was however, greatful for the warm weather as the turn out was ginormous...much bigger than in 2011 to my surprise...over the morning and afternoon races there was a total of 7000 runners, amazing!!!

To date, including the generous £200 from Scottish Power I have raised around £244 for Cancer Research UK. I have a fundraising target of £250, however with your help I can smash that target as it's not too late to donate over on my fundraising page!

It really is such a rewarding experience, you can run/jog/walk the race with pride knowing that the money you are raising could potentially save someone's life, maybe even your own life one day!

Have you ever participated in the Race for Life?


Scottish Power funded entry fees, travel expenses and provided £200 sponsorship for Cancer Research UK in relation to this blog post.

Meet Timothy

I decided I would do a little blog post to introduce you to the newest member of the my little Timmy. 
Despite already having 4 cats, we decided that we would like to get a kitten to add to our feline brood.
Our other 4 cats are all female however we decided that we would like to get a Tom-cat rather than a she-cat especially after the last cat we rehomed fell pregnant (we were of the understanding that she had been neutered) and had a complicated pregnancy which almost led to her dying had we not rushed her to the vets :(
Little Bella is now fighting fit and has fallen in love with Timothy...he's become the kitten she never had and they're constantly playing together. 
The first day we brought him home. 


Just chilling in a shoe. 

Pretending to be a rabbit...he climbed in whilst the rabbit was hopping around the garden. 

Like many kittens he's very nosey and likes to explore/sleep in unusual places...he's also very keen on sleeping on a ladies bosom. 

So there he is, little Timothy. Do you have any pets? 


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Shoe showcase

I thought I would try introduce a new feature to the blog in which each week I share with you a few pairs from my shoe collection. 

Please let me know if this is a post you would like to see and if so how you would like the shoes to be photographed...the shoe by itself or the shoe on the foot or maybe both?

As a little intro to the feature here are a few snaps of a few recent additions. 

Love label Streisand boots. 

Iron fist superbitches shotguns

Matalan wedges

Hello Kitty Vans (how cute is that box!)

Please let me know what you think of the feature, is it something you would like to see? Are you a fan of shoes?


Thursday, 11 July 2013

A blush to suit all - HD Brows Blusher 2

I think many bloggers are familiar with hd brows for their amazing quad eyebrow palette, but what many of you may not know is that the brand has branched further afield and now sells products such as blusher, bronzer and a whole range of brushes. 
A few weeks ago an email landed in my inbox informing me of these products and I leaped at the chance to be sent some goodies to review! 
I opted to receive their blusher and blush brush as I was intrigued by the statement that "one shade suits all" and obviously and good blusher needs a good blusher brush!

The brush comes packaged in a little plastic slip; perfect for reusing when travelling to keep bristles in check. 
The packaging of the blusher is akin to the eyebrow palette; a matt black with the hd brows logo and the details of the product. 

The compact itself is also similar in appearance to the brow palette; a shiny black sturdy case emblazoned with the brand logo. 

Inside the compact hosts a large mirror and 12g of product encased behind a plastic flip lid which holds a foam sponge which can be used for application if you wish. 

The product itself is a terracotta shade with shimmer running through, it is of a good pigmentation meaning a light tap of the brush is substantial enough for a healthy sweep of colour. 
I attempted to photograph a swatch but it proved difficult so I shall share pictures of me wearing the blush in a future blog post. 
I often shy away from a blusher with a shimmer in order to avoid looking like a glitterball, however I find that this blush has the right balance and is perfect for a special occasion however I don't feel I would wear it on a daily basic as I prefer something matte for my day to day business. 

The brush itself is fabulous! Nice and soft  and not too dense meaning you don't end up packing on too much product. 
I haven't tried washing the brush yet so I can't comment on how it holds up but I have experience no shedding whatsoever so I'm not expecting their to be any problems. 

Thanks again to hd brows for sending me these products to review. 
HD brows blusher 2 retails at £17.95, and the brush retails at £14.95. 

Did you know HD brows offered other make-up products? Have you ever tried any HD brows products? 


Monday, 1 July 2013

La Tasca Trafford Centre

I was recently invited along to the relaunch of La Tasca at the Trafford Centre, as it has recently been given a snazzy revamp.

It was my first ever visit to a La Tasca restaurant so I was interested to see what was in store for me. For those of you who don't know, La Tasca is a chain of Spanish Tapas restaurants.

On the evening we got to sample several of the tapas on offer; ranging from anchovies with tomatoes, to sausages wrapped in bacon (my favourite!). We then got a yummy plate of paella which was cooked up by a lovely chef in a ginormous pan at the opening of the restaurant.

I'll let the decor of the restaurant speak for itself; I was told the restaurant was previously rather dark and dim, but it now has a much lighter feeling about the place, whilst still retaining "the ambience".
My crappy camera however, still couldn't capture a decent enough picture, so La Tasca have kindly provided me with some photos. 
(My camera has been sent to fujifilm to be checked for faults as everything looks orange in low/artificial lighting, so fingers crossed that gets fixed!)

I loved this wall of barrels which split the restaurant giving a more cosy and secluded dining experience.

All in all it was a fantastic night with yummy food and lovely company; I didn't take a plus 1 as everyone was working but I met some lovely "Mummy Bloggers" there who were so friendly! 

Picture from Bury Family Life - Review Here
I can't wait to visit La Tasca again; I'm heading to the Trafford Centre tonight so may see if I can drag my friend in so she can too sample the delights on offer!

The good news too is that La Tasca have a whole range of offers available, which you can find detailed on their website here!
You can also sign up for a loyalty card which gives a whopping 20% off anything from the main menu, and a monthly treat (this month is a free hot drink).

Have you ever been to La Tasca? You can find your local restaurant here.

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