Monday, 15 July 2013

Cancer...we're coming to get you! - Heaton Park Race For Life 2013

Cancer is a disease that unfortunate will affect many of us in some way; whether we're a sufferer ourselves or have to endure a loved one battling the disease. 

I myself lost my Grandad to spinal cancer over 10 years ago, and so Cancer Research UK is a charity close to my heart. Therefore when I heard Scottish Power (official sponsors of the Race For Life) were looking for bloggers to partake in the RFL at Heaton Park I jumped at the chance, especially when they offered a whopping £200 sponsorship!
They also sent us a high 5 glove, along with some bits and bobs so we could bling it up ready to partake in the high 5 challenge over on the Scottish Power High 5 Challenge Facebook Page

I decided to bling my glove up with my blog name, some cute stick on pearls and sewn on some bows!

Ready to leave
On the day of the race I headed to Heaton Park with my Mum, brother and Grandma in tow. It meant a lot to me, racing in honour of my Grandad knowing that my Grandma was there in support. 
I headed towards the Scottish Power tent (where there were several ongoing activities) to meet up with some other bloggers who were also doing the race. 
We all had a little natter, before heading to do our warm up before the race!

Ready to race
As you can see from my squinty-eyed expression, it was very sunny and very hot! The complete polar opposite from when I did the race in 2011 and it was pouring with rain!!!

Anybody can opt to do the Race For Life, regardless of fitness levels; it's not a competitive event, simply all us girls ganging together to show cancer who is boss and raise a heck of a lot of money. There are more than 230 events nationwide and you can walk, jog or run the event (5K or 10K).

At the start of the race participants are split into runners, joggers and walkers; I opted to join the running section as I aimed to run the majority of the race. 

I think many other race-for-lifers at Heaton Park would agree that the heat did make it a lot harder, especially as this particular course is rather hilly in regions. I found running in the heat did play havoc with my asthma, however I had my inhaler in tow along with a bottle of water.
I completed the race in 39 mins which I was pleased with, especially with how hot a day it was!

Wearing my medal with pride!
I was however, greatful for the warm weather as the turn out was ginormous...much bigger than in 2011 to my surprise...over the morning and afternoon races there was a total of 7000 runners, amazing!!!

To date, including the generous £200 from Scottish Power I have raised around £244 for Cancer Research UK. I have a fundraising target of £250, however with your help I can smash that target as it's not too late to donate over on my fundraising page!

It really is such a rewarding experience, you can run/jog/walk the race with pride knowing that the money you are raising could potentially save someone's life, maybe even your own life one day!

Have you ever participated in the Race for Life?


Scottish Power funded entry fees, travel expenses and provided £200 sponsorship for Cancer Research UK in relation to this blog post.


  1. Well done to you and an emotional family story.

  2. Fantastic time Charlotte! It was so hot! And lovely to see you again and have a chat before the race, I bet you made your family very proud x

    1. Oh yes, extremely hot! Was lovely to see you too, hopefully I shall see you again soon!
      Aww yes, my grandma gave me a big hug and a kiss after the race bless her. X

  3. it was fab to meet and run with you! sounds like you have many sad reasons to have taken part

    1. Thankyou, and you too!
      I'm just glad to know the aches in my legs are the result of £250 going into cancer research! X

  4. Well done Charlotte. It was an emotional yet inspiring event, wasn't it? See you soon x

    1. Thankyou, yes it really is an emotional event. During the one minute silence I spotted a lady head in hands close to tears and had to fight back my own.
      Look forward to seeing you again, and well done once again to you and your son! X

  5. Well done to you, I did this a few years ago it was brilliant and gave me a great sense of satisfaction knowing I was doing it for charity. Love the blinged up glove too x

    1. Thankyou Lisa, it really is such a rewarding experience knowing the money is going to such a good cause! xx


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