Monday, 22 July 2013

Daily Rituals - Neal & Wolf

A few weeks ago I was sent some products from Neal and Wolf to try; it wasn't a brand I had previously tried so I was looking forward to seeing what they had to offer. 
After a browse of their website and a chat with their pr lady, it was decided that the best products for my hair would be the ritual daily cleansing shampoo (£10.95) and the ritual daily conditioner (£11.95). 
My hair is prone to greasy-ness and I don't suffer with dryness therefore I need something that will give my hair a good cleanse without being over-moisturising as to avoid further enhancing my problem in combating oiliness. 

Both bottles are a downward facing flip-top lid; perfect for dispensing your product and getting all those last drops out when you come to the end of the bottle. 
I like the clean and simple packaging; purple with white writing. 
My one bug bear with the packaging, and this is merely a personal preference, is that I wish that the conditioner was a different colour to the shampoo...maybe a lilac? The only reason I say this is for it to be easier to distinguish the shampoo from the conditioner when in the shower as my eye-sight isn't the best when not wearing my glasses. 
The conditioner is smaller in size containing 200ml of product compared with 250ml of shampoo, however my eyesight can't always distinguish the difference in size from a distance. 

RITUAL is a shampoo designed to cleanse the hair, leaving it fresh, full of shine and ready for styling.
An infusion of silk and milk proteins combine to boost vital moisture and reduce flyaway hair. Liquid shea extract delivers brilliant shine. The result? Luxurious, easy-to-manage, radiant locks.
This product definitely fits the description of being a "cleansing shampoo"; it lathers extremely well and removes any build up from my hair. My hair also feels soft to the touch even before applying the condition, unlike with many other shampoos that can make your hair feel strange whilst wet prior to conditioner application.

RITUAL is a weightless conditioner that instantly detangles, leaving hair wonderfully smooth and ready for styling.
Silk protein complex delivers vital moisture while shea butter extract creates a brilliant shine. Added sunscreens provide protection from environmental damage. The result? Luxurious, easy-to-manage, radiant locks.
I genuinely love this conditioner; prior to using this product I never quite realised what all these other brands meant when they claimed to offer a "weightless conditioner", however now my eyes have been opened. 
The product feels light as air on my hair, it doesn't make my hair feel heavy whilst I'm letting it do it's job unlike many other conditioners do. 
Another amazing thing I found with this product is that it rinses away with ease. Due to the length of my hair being right down my back, I often find that other conditioners can leave a greasy residue on the skin of my back after I've rinsed the conditioner out of my hair. This is now a problem of the past when using this conditioner. 

Another amazing thing I found with these products is the smell! They have that amazing signature "I've just been to the salon" scent about them that smells so luxurious and is a real treat for your nose! I took these products away with me for the weekend and when I opened my bag I could smell the yummy scent despite neither bottle being open. 

I feel for a salon quality product the price of these products is very reasonable...they also become more of a bargain if you opt to buy the salon size (950ml) with the shampoo costing £19.95 and the conditioner £23.95.

Have you tried Neal and Wolf? Are you one for Salon quality haircare?



  1. We are definitely a family for quality haircare! Hubby is a hairdresser/barber and eldest daughter swims 7 days a week. I sure appreciate the importance of getting those last dregs of shampoo & conditioner out of a bottle.

  2. Oooh sounds like haircare is definitely a big part of family life for you. I think I'll have to be naughty and treat myself to the salon size bottles once these have run out, they seem to be lasting quite well at the moment, I've had them almost a month and the bottles are over half full and I wash my hair minimum of 3/4 times a week! xx

  3. Not heard of them before will have to have a look Thisdayilove

    1. Ooh yes, I would definitely recommend checking them out! Xx

  4. Sounds good. My hair sounds quit similar to yours. I find I need to wash my hair daily

    1. Yes it is a pain having to wash daily. Dry shampoo is my all time hair saviour! Xx


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