Monday, 15 July 2013

Meet Timothy

I decided I would do a little blog post to introduce you to the newest member of the my little Timmy. 
Despite already having 4 cats, we decided that we would like to get a kitten to add to our feline brood.
Our other 4 cats are all female however we decided that we would like to get a Tom-cat rather than a she-cat especially after the last cat we rehomed fell pregnant (we were of the understanding that she had been neutered) and had a complicated pregnancy which almost led to her dying had we not rushed her to the vets :(
Little Bella is now fighting fit and has fallen in love with Timothy...he's become the kitten she never had and they're constantly playing together. 
The first day we brought him home. 


Just chilling in a shoe. 

Pretending to be a rabbit...he climbed in whilst the rabbit was hopping around the garden. 

Like many kittens he's very nosey and likes to explore/sleep in unusual places...he's also very keen on sleeping on a ladies bosom. 

So there he is, little Timothy. Do you have any pets? 



  1. Timmy is a little cutie, I love the photo of him in the boot...mega cute x

    1. He's a little terror at times too though! :p luckily his cuteness makes up for it xx

  2. Timothy is so cute! I want him! I love the photo in the boot! x

  3. He is so cute!! Little rascal ;)

    1. Haha, yes that sums him up, cute but a rascal! xx


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