Friday, 19 July 2013

Officially a graduate!!!

So on Wednesday I officially graduated with a first class BSc honours in Biomedical Science with Professional experience. 
I was so nervous in the run up to the day, but I really had such a good time. 

It was a long day as I headed out the door at 11.30 for a pre-graduation reception at my university, where I won an award for the best performance on a placement. My award was the last award presented; I was shaking with nerves and felt like the stairs down to the stage carried on for a lifetime. However, the amazon vouchers I received made up for the never-ending walk, and I have ordered myself 2 pairs of Iron Fist shoes to add to my ever expanding collection! 

Another reason I was unbelievably nervous, was the prospect of wearing such a fitted dress as I am far from body confident! In the run up to the day I sometime began to regret buying this dress despite the trouble I went to getting it (daily checking of the Lipsy website for it to come back in stock in my size) however I felt a little better on the day and many people commented on what a pretty dress it was. 

Me with my award

My Grandma came with me to the awards ceremony, then afterwards we collected my Mum from work on the way to the graduation ceremony. 
I spent a good 45 mins queuing for my gown of which I sweltered in for a good few hours (weds was the hottest day of the year). I felt a sense of pride wearing my cap and gown, knowing all the hardwork, stress and tears I've put into my degree was worthwhile, as I became the first in my family to graduate. 
The nerves I had previously felt fluttered away as I walked across the stage to graduate, despite the several hundred pairs of eyes on me. My Mum and Grandma had to fight back the tears and that they couldn't have been prouder. 

Me my Mum and Grandma. 

My Mum and I

My Grandma and I

Martin and I

My friend and I

My official photo

After my ceremony had finished and we'd finished taking our snaps, we headed to Bella Italia where my Mum's other half, and Martins parents and brothers met us to carry on the celebrations. His Mum and Dad also bought us two bottles of champagne to celebrate. We then headed to a cocktail bar where we had a few cheeky drinks. 

It really was a fabulous day. Thankyou to all my family that came to celebrate with me, and a huge thankyou to my Mum and Martin for sticking by my side along the way. They have both been my rock these past 4 years. 

Have you graduated this week, or are you due to graduate? If so a huge congratulations and I would love to see your posts if you decide to blog about your day! 



  1. We went to the same uni! :] love your graduation dress love xxx

    1. Yay for Salford! Thankyou lovely :) xx

  2. wow you looked fabulous!!!

    what you tell makes me remember when I got my degree, I just finished my thesis demonstration and my mom and granpa were all in tears and they came saying "I didn't understand a word you said" xD
    and my boyfriend also was so proud, he understood a little more xD

    here in my country we don't do that thing with the black cloack and all that... and also we don't graduate on the same day, each one celebrates their own graduation when they present their thesis. but in turn we have another tradition. when the student finishes with their demonstration, we eat some sandwiches and stuff and then we go outside of the university and just cover the poor guy/girl with paint mixed with water, eggs, flour, confetti, rotten fruits and all kinds of gross stuff. that's the funniest part xD it's like a rite of passage, so almost everyone just accept and enjoy it, haha.

    1. Thankyou!
      Aww, what a lovely story...although I don't think I would like being pelted with eggs and paint! xx

  3. Congratulations, lovely photos! x

  4. Oh Charlotte you look stunning, what a fabulous dress to compliment your figure! Congratulations on graduating, your family must be so proud of your achievements x

    1. Awww, thankyou Sophie, your being far too kind!
      Aww, they have been amazing! xx

  5. Congratulations , amazing photos ;)

  6. Congratulations! You look absolutely stunning in this dress! x

  7. aww Charlotte you should not have been worried about wearing that dress its made for you. Its fits you perfect and looks lovely. Congratulations..I love the family shots and the ones with your mum too. You seem so close to your mum and thats really lovely x

    1. Aww Thankyou Lisa so nice of you to say that! I'm just really not a body confident person so the thought of something so fitted filled me with fear haha.
      Aww yeh, me and my Mam are really close, she's my best friend :) xx

    2. I don't think many women are very body confident to be honest...its a shame! x

  8. Well done, glad you had a good time! You look absolutely stunning in that dress, so glad you bought it, beautiful.


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